Jane Eyre Gets Real is a novel by Annabelle Troy

If you are a 19th century lit. fan, check out this fantasy novel, available for sale on Amazon. Jane Eyre wakes up in contemporary NYC, to find she is a contestant on Big Brother-type reality show. Her fellow contestants are Mr. Darcy, Emma Bovary, Heidi, Sherlock Holmes, David Copperfield, Dorian Gray, Hester Prynne, and Alice in Wonderland.  Jane desperately wants to go home–but cannot do so unless she attracts enough readers to get back into her book. Meanwhile, she must build a life for herself in the harsh landscape of modern New York. Will her successful career as a birthday party planner, and her new romance with a boyish production assistant, be enough to make her forget Rochester and Thornfield Hall? Or will the past always remain more enchanting than the present? For Jane Austen fans there is a liaison between straitlaced Mr. Darcy and the seductive Madame Bovary. Love also blossoms between Dorian Gray and David Copperfield.