Star Signs of Your Favorite Characters

Literary characters have birthdays like everybody else. And sun signs. Since specific birthdays are rarely mentioned in print, the trick is to figure out when our favorite protagonists might have born based on their temperaments and inclinations.

Here’s my best guess:

VIRGO: JANE EYRE–gentle, with love of duty and heart of gold, studious and accomplished, who comes up from behind; Cinderella was also a Virgo.

ARIES: EMMA BOVARY–impetuous, impatient, idealistic; Aries is the sign most likely to get into significant debt and they live for whirlwind romance.

SCORPIO: HESTER PRYNNE–intense, smoldering and never lets anything go. Obsessed with birth, death, love, guilt.

SAGITTARIUS: HEIDI–outgoing, loyal, friendly; loves travel and athletic pursuits such as rambling after goats up the Swiss Alps.

AQUARIUS: ALICE IN WONDERLAND–free-spirited, offbeat and dreamy, like her creator Lewis Carroll; Aquarian women are known for being the most beautiful of all the zodiac.

Now for the guys:

CAPRICORN, SHERLOCK HOLMES–as literary legend would have it, Holmes was born on Jan. 6, 1854. He is definitely saturnine–dark, moody, and he loves a mystery. Male Capricorns also have a lot of mother/female issues.

CANCER, DAVID COPPERFIELD–we know he was born at midnight, on a Friday, with a caul over his head. He’s also a moon child, with his ready sentimentality and love of water (his first love is a fisherman’s daughter). And he winds up prosperous in the end.

GEMINI, DORIAN GRAY–charming liar with dual personalities and expensive tastes. What else could he be?

As for MR. DARCY, I am guessing Capricorn, like Sherlock, though more into the social status part. What do you think?

24 thoughts on “Star Signs of Your Favorite Characters

      1. I’m 9/6. Scorpio rising with Gemini moon.
        I hate being Virgo, though; do you like it? I hate being typecast as the nitpicky, penny-pinching, compulsive cleaning type!

      2. That’s funny. I’m a very typical Virgo, which is to say that a lot of those things are true about me. Funny enough, my husband, who is born the day after me, and therefore, also a Virgo, is not like this at all and has helped to balance that part of my personality but not change it completely. I totally get what you’re saying. I don’t love being typecast that way and I try to work on that aspect of my personality but I don’t think I will ever change completely so I try to embrace it.

      1. oh boy…I have Cancer friends and they can be hard for Virgo to deal with, because we both get our feelings hurt so easily but in different ways, like putting a crab and a hedgehog in the same room!

      2. Oddly enough, it’s easier for me to get along with other sensitive people. Now an outgoing Aquarius or Gemini (like my Mom), for some reason that’s tough!

      3. My mom is a Gemini, too; she is a very quiet one though. I feel the same way re: air signs. They seem, well, too airy for me! I have Scorpi rising and sometimes that makes it difficult for me to be around sensitive people because I pick up on how sensitive THEY are, and then over-react/over-identify with what they are going through. Fire signs are good for me, I seem to thrive on their energy. The tough and hard-headed make me feel like I can’t hurt them, so I relax around them, lol.

      4. I do that over-identifying picking up on sensitive people thing too! I have a few Piscis friends that this specially happens with. I seem to like being around Fire signs as well: my little sister is an Aries and we get along great (she gets along great w/ Virgo dad as well), and Boyfriend of 12 years is Leo. Mixed experiences w/ Saggitarius but I did read that we aren’t compatible. Other Cancers are weird sometimes, lol

  1. Mr D’Arcy can’t be a Libra! He’s not enough of a people person to be one! What sign says introvert, responsible/sense of duty & pride? I’m more inclined to say Capricorn…

  2. Scorpio – Heathcliff. Pisces – Catherine Earnshaw. Libra – Edgar Linton. Aires – Cathy Linton/Heathcliff (Daughter). Sagittarius – Hareton Earnshaw. Leo – Isabella Linton. Pisces (Dark/swimming downstream) – Linton (Son of Isabella). Scorpio (Shadow/Covert Dionysian agreement) Hindley Earnshaw. Leo – Nellie Dean.

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