In a season all about transformation, Alice is one step ahead of the game. While flowers try to fight their way through the snow, branches bud, and sunsets change from cool to vibrant, Alice gives herself purple hair and brown eyes.

Hair change is easy: just dye it–or get a wig! But what about eyes? Fact: all people with brown eyes have blue underneath (all babies are born with blue eyes). Basically, in most people, the lighter color quickly becomes obscured by a thin layer of brown pigment which covers the front of the iris. Now, due to $5,000 laser surgery, this pigment CAN be removed, making once-dark eyes permanently blue.

Other methods, if you wish to have ice grey, emerald green, or even purple eyes, involve using contact lenses daily, or getting Brightocular, a $10,000 procedure currently only legal in a few countries, such as Tunisia. It involves having contact lenses inserted permanently, which can involve headaches, and other, even more serious side effects. Of course, if this procedure catches on, strangely colored eyes will cease to be exotic and become the norm–meaning in 2050, when 70%  of the population have silver or violet eyes, brown may become coveted again.

As controversy surrounds both eye color change methods–laser surgery might result in loss or impairment of vision–it may make more sense to transform yourself the old-fashioned, Lewis Carroll way: eat a mushroom and just pretend you have changed!

What color would you like YOUR eyes to be???