The new novel by Annabelle Troy, Hansel and Gretel Inside the House of Candy, is now available on Amazon. Though written with teenagers in mind, it is enjoyable for any age, especially for those interested in suspenseful reworkings of classic fairy tales. After all, who can resist devoted siblings, a beautiful witch and a house made entirely of candy? Click on link below:

Gretel is a 16 year old girl struggling with cocaine addiction. Trying to understand why, she looks back on the past year of her life:

When she is 15, Gretel and her older brother, Hansel, are living a carefree life in contemporary California. Then their mother dies and their father plans to remarry. Trying to escape family tragedy, Hansel and Gretel run away together; soon they find themselves lost in the woods. There, they encounter a candy house art installation and Cathy, the beguiling witch who built it. Cathy invites them to stay at her farmhouse. As she becomes ever-closer to Hansel, Gretel suspects Cathy is plotting to kill him. With the help of her new boyfriend, a farm boy named Isaac, and by discovering some old diaries, Gretel learns the disturbing truth about Cathy’s real identity. Gretel finds the courage to save Hansel, only to learn that he has a dark secret of his own.