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The enchanting moorlands which inspired “Wuthering Heights” are just one of the memorable sites you will see on the Bronte Country Tour, May 20-21, led by Annabelle Troy, the author of Jane Eyre Gets Real. Though seeming to be a desolate sweep of land, the moors are alive with birdsong including that of the native golden plover and with flowers such as purple heather, providing spots of passion in what is otherwise bleak as unrequited love.  The heather moors are truly special–there is less heather moorland in the world than there are rainforests and 70% of this habitat is located in the UK. In keeping with the Bronte spirit, most of the North York Moors are Open Access which means you can wander at will, in the spirit of Emily, Anne, Charlotte, and Branwell.

Of course, the tour will also stop at Haworth Parsonage, home of the Brontes for many years. On view through 2017 are the unique costumes worn in the acclaimed series To Walk Invisible, dramatizing the lives of the famous siblings. You will have the opportunity to observe painstakingly recreated period detail in the wardrobes designed by Tom Paye, who worked closely with historical experts to make sure the era and the personalities of each sister were perfectly reflected. So get your bonnet on and join the Bronte Country Tour; it’s as easy as clicking the link below: