Madame Bovary, who considers herself to be the real star of Jane Eyre Gets Real, has always been a trendsetter. There’s no exception when it comes to ice cream. In 2015, Emma Bovary advocated for jet-black ice cream; see the post that appears below:

Black ice cream is now one of the coolest flavors in the frozen world. As served by Little Damages in downtown LA, the treat is made with activated charcoal–so much hipper than food coloring–and even comes with a black cone to match. Morganstern’s in New York City also dishes up a version, called Black Ash Coconut. Activated charcoal has become the latest ingredient to jazz up cocktails, pizza, even toothpaste. Ironically, for the black ice cream-loving Emma, it is also given to patients who have overdosed on drugs. Could the 19th century Emma’s life have been saved if she’d just indulged in an ebony-colored ice cream sundae? Not really–of course, the ice cream has no healing properties.

One thing seems certain: vanilla is so last season.