Victorian Mean Girls

October third was Mean Girls day–not a day to be mean but a time to pay homage to the 2004 cult classic starring Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried and Lacey Chabert. Written by Tina Fey, the film depicts the attempts made by newcomer Cady Heron to infiltrate–and destroy–her high school’s most popular clique. Cady succeeds in defeating “Queen Bee” Regina George, as well as learning such valuable life lessons as “only wear sweatpants on Fridays”, “joining the Mathletes is social suicide” and “the more people are afraid of you the more flowers you get.”

The characters of Jane Eyre Gets Real put their heads together to come up with three mean girls from Victorian literature. Here are the winners.

David Copperfield thought of Estella Havisham, the young heroine of Charles Dickens’s Great Expectations. Her father may not have been the inventor of toaster strudel but Estella, the brunette ward of rejected bride Miss Havisham, could teach Gretchen Wieners a thing or two about the rules of feminism. Raised to break men’s hearts, Estella is proud, cold and beautiful. Why are her ringlets so big? They’re full of secrets!

Mr. Darcy suggested Lydia Bennet, the youngest sister in Pride and Prejudice. Smitten with soldiers, she runs off with the notorious cad, George Wickham, who finally agrees to marry her–for a price. Airheaded Lydia, instead of being ashamed, lords her marital status over her unmarried sisters. She may not have “ESPN or something” but like Karen Smith, Austen’s 15-year-old bride is self-centered, loves to party and doesn’t know how to spell “orange”.

Jane Eyre’s nominee is Blanche Ingram, the gorgeous golden-haired socialite who tries to seduce Mr. Rochester–and pretty much succeeds except Blanche leaves him when she fears he’s about to lose his fortune. Blanche, a rich snob who is willfully ignorant and perfect on horseback, lives to taunt the help. She could eat Regina George for breakfast, not to mention a governess or two.

Who is your favorite Victorian mean girl?  Please let us know…and remember on Wednesdays we wear pink.





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