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No matter what your age, Halloween is the day to enjoy treats. The characters from Jane Eyre Gets Real share their own sweet picks below:

Sherlock Holmes: black licorice pipes

Hester Prynne: popcorn balls (popcorn being from the New World though actually not popular til 1820s when it was sold under the name “pearl”; however, Hester was always a trendsetter–single mom, big appliques on shirts–so we’ll say she discovered it first)

Mr. Darcy: marzipan

Jane Eyre: raisins, nuts & oranges

Emma Bovary: caramels sprinkled with fleur de sel

Heidi: Toblerone milk chocolate with honey and almond nougat

David Copperfield: saltwater taffy (as a boy he was in love with a sailor’s daughter)

Alice in Wonderland: White Rabbit Creamy Candy from Japan

Dorian Gray: Irish potato candy (chocolate shape like potatoes) OR bourbon filled truffles

Remember, always drive your broomstick responsibly!



6 thoughts on “WE WANT CANDY

  1. I could see Dorian going for bourbon filled truffles but he seems like Irish potato candy wouldn’t be fancy enough for him…maybe at the beginning of the story before he became so completely debauched and corrupt?

    1. Yes, that is why I gave him two candies, to fit the past & present sides of his persona–plus, I had just learned Irish potato candy is a “thing” and wanted to mention it!! Happy Halloween.

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