There Was A Crooked House

Just in time for #STPATRICK’SDAY, Dorian Gray, the character in Jane Eyre Gets Real who is most likely to imbibe, recounts the Tale of the Crooked House.

The Crooked House Pub deep in the English countryside, in Himley west of Wolverhampton, once stand upright. But for the past 100 years, the structure has been dependably sinking into the ground, so that now it’s at an angle of 15 degrees, with the left side a good four feet lower than the right. Even if you go into the pub sober and stay that way throughout your visit, you’ll think you’re tipsy. All of the slanting angles will make your head positively spin! If you were to place a bottle upon a windowsill you won’t be sure which way it will roll. As for carrying a full glass from the bar to the table, you’ll be sure to spill it–unless you orient yourself very carefully, by staring at the line of the beverage in the glass.

At The Crooked House, you can’t win so you may as well enjoy yourself. The pub may be in England but when you’re in it, you’ll know how the Irish feel.




11 thoughts on “There Was A Crooked House

  1. Wow, it seems almost unfortunate that they decided to make that a bar…or was it the other way around??? In any case, I wouldn’t want to be there when it sinks into the ground.

    1. It was a farmhouse first, circa 1700s, built over a mine! Ground too unsteady so house sloped. It was condemned to be torn down but someone bought it, shored up the foundations and made it into a pub–to capitilize on tipsy gimmick!!! They say it’s safe, but…..!

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