Are Dolphins Players?


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Emma Bovary, a character in Jane Eyre Gets Real, was infamous in her time for being a housewife on the prowl. Bored with her dull husband, she sought adventures in love with a series of unworthy men, most notably a self-absorbed aristocrat and an immature if handsome bank clerk. Well, pickings were slim in 19th century France, even for a beauty.

It is with a mixture of interest and revulsion that Emma has come to learn of the free- spirited antics of male dolphins. In the 1960s, an era generally known for its experimental attitude, Margaret Lovatt lived in a converted house with “Peter” the dolphin (he was confined to a built-in sea pool). Though Margaret tried hard in many ways to communicate with Peter, he seemed to be chiefly interested in her anatomy. He’d rub himself on her knee or foot or hand and often stared at her bare legs and up her skirt, apparently with longing and ardor.

Scientific studies show that human women give off pheromones very similar to those of a female dolphin. In the Amazon boto dolphins are known as shapeshifters, or encantados, who can mate and reproduce with human women. No word on what those offspring are called but they are believed to have existed. So, if you are totally disillusioned with the dating scene this summer, remember that your only choice may not be the lifeguard…LOL.

Image result for pictures of dolphins from etruscan

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