Turn Your Signature Look Into A #Halloween Costume


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Sherlock Holmes, a character in Jane Eyre Gets Real, is known for his pipe, cape and deerstalker hat. And who would Alice in Wonderland be without her pinafore, blue dress and hairbow which is even referred to as an “Alice band’? If you want to dress up as a literary character this Halloween, think of emulating your favorite literary hero or heroine–braid your hair and don an embroidered full skirt/white peasant blouse/boots and you’re an instant Heidi! Or Darcy it up in tight jeans (as a substitute for nankeen britches) and a vintage waistcoat, perhaps with a dangling pocket watch.

Don’t want to be a copycat? Take your own signature look and slightly modify it to create an instant, and easy, costume for that last minute Halloween party. If you like to dress all in black apply temporary skeleton bone hand tattoos, or rock a red dress with a devil horn headband. Wear a poncho with your favorite denim overalls to be an instant hippie or Audrey Hepburn-fy your LBD with cats eye sunglasses and fake pearls. If you lean towards floral prints a tiny handbag, lace collar and kitten heels will turn you retro. Prefer to sleep in? A long white nightgown, no makeup and uncombed hair could make you the perfect ghost. Just look too hard into the mirror and accidentally scare yourself…


Image result for victorian halloween dresses pictures

3 thoughts on “Turn Your Signature Look Into A #Halloween Costume

  1. I like this idea about being super authentic, letting the real you come out for Halloween. When I dress in a costume it’s usually a mother nature hippie chick. Once I had a pith helmet and covered it with Spanish moss to wear with torn black lace over a dark green dress. FYI, I had to wash the tiny bugs out of the Spanish moss first.

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