Classic Literary Characters Living in the Modern World: Read Jane Eyre Gets Real,  a Novel by Annabelle Troy, available on Amazon!

Mr. Darcy’s #NewYear’sResolution

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Below Mr. Darcy and the other characters in Jane Eyre Gets Real by Annabelle Troy share their resolutions

Mr. Darcy: Propose to some woman and live happily ever after

Emma Bovary: Marry Mr. Darcy

Sherlock Holmes: Ban all showings of the new Will Ferrell film Holmes and Watson

Heidi: Eat more cheese

Alice in Wonderland: Avoid rabbit holes

Hester Prynne: Take up knitting

David Copperfield: Give more to charity

Dorian Gray: Drink more

Jane Eyre: Go bungee jumping, at least once

The cast of Jane Eyre Gets Real wishes you an extremely happy & healthy 2019!

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