Victorian Bon Mots

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Bon mots are like small candies eager to be enjoyed. If you’ve eaten up all of your Valentine’s Day chocolates, never mind–let these bon mots from the characters of  Jane Eyre Gets Real sweeten your palate.

Jane Eyre: Gloves are like swans; they mate for life.

Dorian Gray: If you don’t like what you see in the mirror stop seeking your reflection.

Mr. Darcy: Never tell a single woman you have a fortune unless you expect to marry her.

Hester Prynne: Children born of adultery are twice as cunning.

HeidiMake fondue, not war.

Sherlock Holmes: Perhaps Jack the Ripper was never caught because, unlike most criminals, he did not wish to be.

Madame Bovary: Poor people are just as unhappy as rich people except they don’t have any money to comfort themselves.

Alice in Wonderland: No matter how fast you run you can never outrun yourself.

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