Ode to #Choupette, World’s Richest #Cat

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There once was a cat named Choupette

who never had to worry about debt.

She modeled for cars and for beauty,

Purina couldn’t license her booty;

the designer who owned her

thought victuals too vulgar

no cat chow ads for the lovely Choupette.


Now she lives in a mansion

with a bank account and a pension,

silver fur brushed daily by maids,

her cushion trimmed with golden braid.

She never has to eat mice;

they are not nearly as nice

as caviar from a spoon made of jade.


Only one thing this cat lacks;

mere wealth can’t bring her papa back.

Every night she looks for Karl,

sees only darkness and gives a snarl.

She curls up with a sigh, tries not to cry.

To say she loves wealth would not be a lie

but poor Choupette really misses her Karl.


The poem above is courtesy of Dorian Gray, a character in Jane Eyre Gets Real by Annabelle Troy, who realizes beauty is not always how it appears and is often tinged with sorrow.

Image result for pictures of choupette

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