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Alice of Wonderland fame, and a character in Jane Eyre Gets Real, lived in a time when children were expected to be fanciful AND studious. Though she loved legends like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, she also was tutored in mathematics by her father’s friend Charles Dodgson aka Lewis Carroll, as well as learning natural science, home economics and literature. In this spirit, she has devised the following quiz. See how many answers you can get without googling (if you are too lazy to google, answers will appear in next week’s blog).

  1. Who wrote the novel Gravity’s Rainbow?
  2. What muppet character is famous for singing The Rainbow Connection?
  3. Who composed Somewhere Over the Rainbow?
  4. What is a rainbow formed by moonlight called?
  5. What is the full title of the Dolly Parton children’s book that ends with the word Rainbow?
  6. The region in between multiple rainbows is known by what term?
  7. What do you call a cake that has rainbow sprinkles baked into the batter?
  8. A rainbow is formed when two essential components meet in the atmosphere. Name them.

Good luck and remember this old Irish blessing:

” May God give you…

For every storm, a rainbow,

For every tear, a smile,

For every care, a promise,

And a blessing in each trial.”

Image result for pictures of rainbows over ireland