It Could Be Wurst

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The youngest character in Jane Eyre Gets Real by Annabelle Troy, Heidi,  is excited for #Halloween, yet wild for #Oktoberfest. She has fond memories of celebrating it in Germany, where she once went with Grandfather (though that was omitted from her book). After a few beers Grandfather could be a lot of fun and they danced, sang and ate wurst all through the night.

Here are some fun wurst facts:

Popular knackwurst is made of ground pork in a short, thick shape. Vampires should beware as knackwurst can be heavily flavored with garlic.

Hearty bratwurst can go gourmet if served with baked camembert. But most Germans enjoy it roasted, or simmered in beer.

Weisswurst, light beige in color and made mostly from veal, is traditionally boiled and served with German whole-grained mustard along with a side dish of freshly baked pretzels.

Blut Sausage is blood sausage–so those vampires who don’t like knackwurst might go for this. Apparently, blut sausage is filled with iron (from pig’s blood) as well as spices and oatmeal; it goes well with a fruity accompaniment like stewed apples.

If you long to enhance your IQ you might want to try Cervelat. Nowadays it’s mostly made of pork rinds but back in the day it was comprised of pork brains–cervelat means “brain sausage.”

For the aloof there is woolwurst, the only sausage without a casing. It’s totally self-contained and made of a veal and pork combo. Usually this sausage is served fried for the confident sizzle that comes with being extra crispy.

If you can’t make it to Germany this October, go to your local hot dog cart. The American frankfurter was, of course, originally a German street food. Hot dogs–or “dachshund sausages”–were first hawked in Coney Island by immigrant Charles Feltman. He was rumored to sell 3,600 frankfurters his first year in business, each one encased, for convenience’s sake, in its own tidy bun.


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