A Tale of Two #Turkeys


David Copperfield, orphan boy grown into earnest young man, appears in Jane Eyre Gets Real. The character was, of course, created by Charles Dickens, also famous for A Tale of Two Cities, his novel about the French Revolution. Jane Eyre Gets Real is all about mashups–and that includes mashed potatoes. Below, David combines not Paris and London, but #Thanksgiving main courses with Thanksgiving themes for dessert.

Turkey #1 is a dense, savory cake made of all the ingredients you would normally use for your entrees. It contains sweet potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce as well as sausage stuffing, garlic and more. Try it if you dare–it may be your new favorite way of using leftovers, or you may just decide to make this cake from scratch every holiday and forget the traditional way of serving a meal. The recipe is courtesy of Chowhound:


Turkey #2 is a sweet cake that looks like, well, a turkey. If you don’t like the idea of candy corn spilling out of a chocolate cavity, skip it. Otherwise go ahead and give it a try:


It may be a far, far better thing you eat than you have ever eaten.

Thanksgiving Turkey Cake

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