Be A Heroine: Rescue A Rabbit

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Did you know that February is Adopt A #Rabbit Month? So if you are not ready for the commitment of a child, or even a dog, a bunny might be a good place to start. Rabbits are intelligent and naturally hygienic–they can be taught to use a litter box; they are non-vocal (except when they purr), and they don’t need much physical space, not even a hutch. They are better off inside than outside and make for content apartment-dwellers.  Moreover, they come in many varieties, all with great names such as Easter Cottontail, Flemish Giant, Jersey Wooly and Fuzzy Lop.

It won’t all be a hop in the park–rabbits are sensitive and pick up on your nerves. They also like to chew a lot and should be provided with toys for this purpose.  Never lean over and pick up your bunny–they will think you are a hawk swooping down on them. In general rabbits prefer to come to you and not to be lifted off the ground. Mainly, never follow your rabbit down a hole. Alice in Wonderland, of Jane Eyre Gets Real fame, had to learn this lesson the hard way! But in general they make affectionate pets and can live to be 15 years old.

Volunteers at rabbit rescue shelters across the country are standing by now, to help you pick the rabbit that is right for you. They can often match the right bunny to your personality; and your potential pet may have already been spayed/neutered, house-trained, and even microchipped. Of course, if you want one with a waistcoat and a pocket watch you will have to go back to Victorian times!

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6 thoughts on “Be A Heroine: Rescue A Rabbit

  1. I discovered I love rabbits when I reluctantly adopted one for my son but I ended the one who fell in love with it and ended up blogging about them after I lost that particular cute bunny!

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