Masks: Not Just For #Superheroes Anymore!

Most popular types of Venetian Carnival masks | Venetian Masks ...

Dorian Gray, the most enigmatic character in Annabelle Troy’s Jane Eyre Gets Real, knows all about #masks. Though #Covid-19 forces us to don disposable masks daily,  Dorian was imprinted with a permanent mask of beauty to hide his tormented soul and nefarious actions. More than anyone, he knows that all masks are not made of paper, recycled ocean plastic or cloth.

For your distraction, Dorian presents his favorite masks:

Venetian Carnival Masks & Costumes - Carnival in Venice In Italy

Venetian: Worn for centuries during Carnival, crafty Venetians also donned these elaborate creations for normal occasions, such as clandestine affairs and spying on their enemies. Because they really allow to you to blend in with the crowd…

What Are the "happy/sad Masks" Called? |

Greek tragedy/comedy masks: Every actor knows these and might even have a pair hanging on their dressing room wall. If you are not an actor you can just call them happy/sad masks. They express the basic bi-polarity of every human being, especially before Prozac was invented.

Paper Mache Eye Mask: Black [] -

Black Domino: Not only is this eye mask a classic, it comes in many variations. For instance, you can get a cat’s eye version in glossy leather or one in a glitter swan design. They are also versatile and equally usual for Halloween, bank robberies, or kinky sex–you know who you are, Christian Grey (who is no relation to Dorian, they even spell Gray differently).

The beak-nosed plague-doctor mask that continues to terrify was ...

Plague Doctor: This has seen a resurgence in popularity. Originally the mask was created with a beak so that doctors would not breathe miasma (read “disease”) laden air. Now available in steam-punk versions!

WW2 Mickey Mouse gas mask intended to make the mask look less ...

Mickey Mouse Gas Mask: Created by Walt Disney to help protect children during WWII, Dorian loves these blasts from the past because they are creepy as f–k.

Tibetan Protective masks - Green Mahakala - Art of Nepal

Tibetan Tribal: These protect you from your enemies, basically by scaring them out of their wits. Tribal masks can also be beautiful such as the beaded Mexican folk art example below:

Beaded Huichol Mask Mexican Folk Art Handmade in Mexico - Estrella ...

Dorian hopes you have enjoyed these masks and advises you not to go outside more than you can help it. Plus, avoid the attic; that’s where your true face might be seen.

5 thoughts on “Masks: Not Just For #Superheroes Anymore!

  1. Very interesting! The Micky Mouse gas mask is probably one of the creepiest things I’ve seen – oh my. Yeah, we’re all about masks these days. Thanks for changing it up a little.

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