Very Victorian #Work from Home Problems

As the #corona virus lock-down continues,  characters in the novel Jane Eyre Gets Real by Annabelle Troy remind you that #quarantine was no cinch for Victorians either. Here they recount some common frustrations from the past, when scarlet fever, measles or cholera forced men to stay at home–remember, women were always there anyway:

You’ve Raided the Pantry More than the Mice

Hello Peter Rabbit and a beautiful spring to you all! – McMurtry ...

You’ve Worn the Same Waistcoat Three Days in a Row

Men's Victorian Costume and Clothing Guide | Victorian costume ...


You Miss the Conviviality of Eating Eel Pie in Company

London Food History: Eel, Pie And Mash Shops | Londonist

Only Date You’ve Had in Months is With a Postcard

126 Best La Belle Époque [photos] images | Vintage photos, Vintage ...

This is Your #Netflix

Magic lantern - Wikipedia




6 thoughts on “Very Victorian #Work from Home Problems

  1. Hi, I’ve always thought I could live in this era. I would definitely have to be a member of the Ton and live in a Downton Abby type house though. Also, no eel pie! Eeew!

    1. Yes, to go back in time and be rich would be wonderful fun! I might even eat a jellied eel if I absolutely had to!! Thank you for reading and for commenting. Annabelle

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