Eat Your Rosebuds While Ye May | Gracie Bone China 11-Piece Tea Set, Pink Green Rose ...

Alice in Wonderland, a character in Annabelle Troy’s whimsical novel Jane Eyre Gets Real, loves roses. To combat the #coronavirus blues she is planning on holding a celebration tea on June 8th, the day #NewYorkCity is scheduled to come out of #lockdown.

Not only will she serve everything on rose-patterned china, the menu too will be based on this classic flower. Keep in mind that roses in their natural state are edible–beware though of long-stemmed beauties from the florist’s, as they might have been treated with insecticides harmful to humans.

Alice’s Rosy Menu:

Rose Jelly on Crumpets–aka Rose Jam

Organic Rose Hip Tea

Persian Rose Water Ice Cream

Rose Petal Salad

They-Look-Just-Like Roses #Cupcakes

If you have any rose-related recipe to suggest to Alice, she’d love to know!

Rose Cupcakes | Tastemade






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