Very Victorian Hacks for Boredom

If you are feeling stressed/bored/unmotivated during corona virus #lockdown, here are some tips, suggested by the characters in JANE EYRE GETS REAL by Annabelle Troy:

Taffy Pulling Party | See also the full version of this real… | Flickr

Have an old-fashioned taffy pull. Nothing gets out anguish quite like cooking corn syrup into hard balls then twisting the hell out of it.

Trick Dogs, Clown, Mule Sings Christmas Carol Victorian Die Cuts ...

Teach your dog or other pets how to do new tricks. You may even be inspired to start your own circus.

Roller skates, 19th-early 20th century in 2020 | Vintage children ...

Put on some roller skates and zoom around your living room, after you have rolled up the carpets. You’ll be surprised at how good it will feel!

Rare Weird And Funny Pictures Show Hilarious Side Of Victorian Era ...

Don’t be afraid to play pranks on your loved ones. Laughter is restorative.

Victorian mustache men | Antique Victorian CDV Photo, Handsome Man ...

Do something new with your mustache (this can apply to men or women).

Historic Victorian Art Wallpapers | Bradbury & Bradbury

Wallpaper every room in your home; it’s like DYI #Xanax! Victorians knew how hypnotic and soothing the right pattern can be, when repeated over and over and over and over again then gilded.

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