Every Cat Has Her Day: #Choupette

Madame Bovary, that most feline of women and a character in Jane Eyre Gets Real, wonders sometimes how Choupette is doing. In case, amidst the health and economic woes wrought by #coronavirus, you’ve forgotten who Choupette is, well, she’s the pampered cat to whom #KarlLagerfelt left a considerable inheritance. (His will, filed in Monaco, is not a public document but is rumored to name several models, not all cats, amongst the beneficiaries.)

Apparently the pampered Birman kitty, who once made over $3 million a year in merchandise inspired by her, is living in Paris with Lagerfeld’s former housekeeper. In spite of any lingering sorrow she might feel over her “father’s” death, Choupette is a trouper and is not just resting on her laurels as the world’s furriest super-model. Battles have ensued over control of the cat’s personal #instagram account, which boasts over half-a-million followers. She also has her own bank account, cosmetics line–for humans–and a precise shade of azure named after her by the House of #Chanel, Choupette blue.

Fun facts about Choupette:

She was born on August 15th, 2011 and, appropriately enough, is a Leo–sign of the lion and sign of Coco Chanel.

There are Choupette handbags and a book “written” by her.

A former Nobu chef has prepared for her such dishes as Japanese-style beef and chicken gelée with asparagus. She has never done a cat food commercial.

Her name means sweetie.

Choupette Lagerfeld's Shu Uemura Makeup Collection Is Available ...

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