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Very Victorian #Heatwave Problems


Beautiful Young Woman With Freckles Wearing Bonnet 1/9 Plate ...

Sun Brings Out Your Freckles

1890's bathing suit. Look closely at her face, does not look like ...

Your Bathing Suit Comes With Black Socks

Girls deliver ice." September 16, 1918 : ColorizedHistoryA Good Ice Cube Is Hard To Find

A brief history of ladies underwear (and why it's the worst!) – F ...

This Is Just The First Layer

Photos of Victorian Women and Their Long Hair | History Daily

Your Hair Adds 10 Degrees

1890 Victorian Fan | The History of Fans | Antique fans, Hand fan ...

19th Century Air Conditioner 

The characters in Jane Eyre Gets Real by Annabelle Troy wish you a cool, cool #summer!

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