The Case of Sherlock Holmes’s Sister

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In Annabelle Troy’s novel Jane Eyre Gets Real #SherlockHolmes is one of the most sardonic characters. A new movie now showing on #Netflix portrays him in a more sympathetic light, as the older brother of a spirited girl named Enola. Based on the Young Adult series by Nancy Springer (which started to be published at the turn of this century), Enola is a teenager raised by her suffragette mother–played in the movie by Helena Bonham Carter, As her brothers Mycroft and Sherlock are much older, they have already embarked on their own lives at the time of Enola’s birth and she is given the run of their old country house, especially the library. When their mother vanishes, Enola’s care falls to her brothers. Of the two, Mycroft is the stuffier, wishing to place Enola in a conventional finishing school; Sherlock, portrayed by handsome actor Henry Cavill (The Witcher), is more attuned to her wild spirit and nascent detective abilities.

In the movie, called simply Enola Holmes, the titular character (Millie Bobby Brown) starts out on a quest to find her beloved mother, but gets sidetracked. She becomes involved in the fate of a young aristocrat, who quickly becomes a love, or puppy love, interest. Beyond all the many plot twists and Victorian derring-do, the story is that of a young woman standing on her own against many strong characters, winning them over and growing into herself. It’s a charming piece, quickly paced, well-acted, beautifully filmed, all in all a lovely #Covid19 escape. As Enola tells the audience, her name spelled backwards is alone but she is alone only in the best sense of the word, as someone who is unique yet never lonely. Sherlock Holmes approves.

Enola Holmes' Trailer: Millie Bobby Brown Is Sherlock Holmes' Sister |  IndieWire

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