No Glitter Litter This #Xmas

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Glitter Garlands Bad, Judy Garland Good!

David Copperfield, probably the most likeable character in Jane Eyre Gets Real, a novel by Annabelle Troy, has always been concerned with the #environment. He’d like you to know that in 2019 scientists began lobbying for a major ban on glitter products, such as tinsel and garlands, because they have been making their way into rivers and oceans, seriously damaging marine life. The United Kingdom has taken a stance on this, with major retailers including Waitrose and John Lewis having already stopped stocking all glittery things. In the USA there is online shop Bioglitter, which offers a product which biodegrades back into nature (at least 90% of it, anyway.

If you are looking for a substitute for plastic glitter this #Christmas see the ideas below:

Salt Glitter: salt with food coloring added to it delivers all-day, all-night shine

Colored Rice: same idea but with white rice; mix some in a metal bowl with food coloring, the brighter the better, and rubbing alcohol (to help dry out the grains). You can even add some food-grade essential oil for a lovely scent

Crushed glass: good for homemade jewelry gifts and ornaments (not recommended for kids!)

Seed beads: made of glass and available in an array of rainbow hues

Sand: when it catches the light it creates a natural sparkle

How To: Broken Glass Ornaments Into New Ornaments

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