Very Jane Eyre Problems

  You’re Just Not Into Polygamy You Can’t Stand Any More Burned Grilled Cheese Toast At Breakfast Aunt Reed Will Never, Ever Forgive You–Never, Ever, Ever Your Pupil is Marie Antoinette In An Eight Year Old’s Body You’ve Had It With Brooding Men–Get Over Yourself, Rochester  Tired of traditional Jane Eyre? Then read Jane Eyre Gets Real by Annabelle Troy on Amazon: Continue reading Very Jane Eyre Problems

A Taste for Lace

  Emma Bovary, in the course of her summer shopping, has been delighted to find lace making a come back. In her day she was a mean tatter. For those not into thread work, there are several ways lace can be made: Needle: the creme de la creme, the lace of royalty, made just with a needle and thread. Venetian Gros Point–no, not a city in Michigan– is an example. Bobbin : pins are stuck into a pillow, traditionally one of straw. Bobbins made of bone or wood are used to weave the threads around these pins. Chantilly Lace–no, not the song–is … Continue reading A Taste for Lace

Which Fairy Tale Are You?

Maybe you have asked yourself this question for a long time…or maybe not. In either case, the answer can be revealed by taking the quiz below: Alice in Wonderland, Heidi, and the whole gang from Jane Eyre Gets Real are eagerly awaiting your result. Please let us know what you got! Also, be sure to read Hansel and Gretel: Inside the House of Candy. It is free on Amazon Feb.3-Feb. 7. Remember, fairy tales can come true.   Continue reading Which Fairy Tale Are You?

Hansel and Gretel Inside the House of Candy

The new novel by Annabelle Troy, Hansel and Gretel Inside the House of Candy, is now available on Amazon. Though written with teenagers in mind, it is enjoyable for any age, especially for those interested in suspenseful reworkings of classic fairy tales. After all, who can resist devoted siblings, a beautiful witch and a house made entirely of candy? Click on link below: Gretel is a 16 year old girl struggling with cocaine addiction. Trying to understand why, she looks back on the past year of her life: When she is 15, Gretel and her older brother, Hansel, are … Continue reading Hansel and Gretel Inside the House of Candy