Take It or Leaf It: Japanese Street Art

Hester Prynne, of The Scarlet Letter fame, is the only Puritan character in Jane Eyre Gets Real by Annabelle Troy. As autumn comes to New York City, Hester keenly registers the turning of the leaves; as they drop she dreads the winter to come. Puritans viewed Nature as a hostile force (well, ok, they pretty much viewed everything as a hostile force..but Nature especially). They knew America would hold for them “a sharp and violent winter” (in the words of #Mayflower survivor William Bradford), in which sickness and starvation would be rampant. However, in modern day #Japan there are no such worries. A … Continue reading Take It or Leaf It: Japanese Street Art

Very Victorian #Autumn Problems

“In heaven it is always autumn,” wrote the poet John Donne. But for these Victorians autumn is NOT paradise. Raking Leaves Makes You Melancholy   You Exchange Sewing for Sowing There’s Only So Long You Can Flirt With A Red Maple You Want Coins But Get Acorns The Chill Is Making Your Back Ache And That Mist Is Doing Nothing For Your Tuberculosis The characters in Jane Eyre Gets Real by Annabelle Troy hope you have a happy fall Continue reading Very Victorian #Autumn Problems

Alice in Wonderland’s #Thanksgiving Tea Party

Alice in Wonderland, a character in Jane Eyre Gets Real by Annabelle Troy, doesn’t fancy a big meal for Thanksgiving. Instead, she is throwing a tea party for her flatmates, including Sherlock Holmes, Mr. Darcy, Heidi, Hester Prynne and of course Jane Eyre. She has rethought some classic dishes and tried to make them full of hearty autumn flavors yet simple and delightful and, wherever possible, bite-size. Refreshments will be served on Victorian china with a leaf pattern, laid out upon starched white linen, and the teapot shall be shaped like a squirrel. Only downside: no leftovers. Great fun, we have … Continue reading Alice in Wonderland’s #Thanksgiving Tea Party

Charm Or Opulence: Which Do You Prefer?

Jane Eyre, the lead character in Jane Eyre Gets Real, a whimsical mash-up novel available on #Amazon, knows all about the language of flowers. To the Victorians, sending a bouquet of white violets meant you were asking someone to gamble on love; if they returned a dark pink rose it meant they shared your passion but a light pink one signified they wanted to leave you in the friend zone. In a debate on the merits of charm versus opulence, two autumn flowers speak for themselves. Aster Daisy: I’m sweet and unpretentious. If I were a house I’d be a thatched country cottage; … Continue reading Charm Or Opulence: Which Do You Prefer?

Autumn The #JaneAusten Way

Mr. Darcy, a character who, by the grace of Jane Austen, features prominently in the novel Jane Eyre Gets Real by Annabelle Troy, wishes to remind you that Sept. 22 is the Autumn Equinox. Celebrate the Regency way by following some rural customs: Honor Pomona, the goddess of apples, by baking an apple pie or going to your local orchard and picking some–apples, that is, not pies–straight off the trees. Make Corn Dolls, aka Corn Poppets, from dried husks. Click on this link to find out how: https://www.budget101.com/content.php/2788-Enchanting-Corn-Husk-Kitchen-Witch Build a Scarecrow. Forget Build a Bear; instead make a scarecrow by stuffing some … Continue reading Autumn The #JaneAusten Way