A #Love Token Of My Affection

We think of #Valentine’sDay as a time to exchange cards, flowers and Godivas. But as David Copperfield, a character in Jane Eyre Gets Real, so vividly remembers, the Victorians had a special way of showing their devotion: a common coin, sanded then engraved with all manner of sentimental designs such as entwined initials, hearts, doves and roses, even entire pastoral scenes, usually made by a man and presented to his beloved.  They lasted longer than a bouquet and were easier than scrimshaw! It became popular to sell premade love tokens at country fairs–to any gentleman who lacked the time or … Continue reading A #Love Token Of My Affection

Buzzzz: The Little Survivors of #NotreDame

Everyone is aware of the devastating flames that recently wreaked havoc on the beauty of Notre Dame, Paris. Two characters in Jane Eyre Gets Real were especially alarmed: Madame Bovary, who visited the cathedral in her day and who, despite quite a few sins, still considers herself a Catholic and devout beekeeper Sherlock Holmes. Just as Emma Bovary drew a sigh of relief when she realized Notre Dame’s esteemed rose glass was spared in the fire, so Sherlock rejoiced to learn the cathedral’s bees were safe–all 180,000 of them. Though not as famous as the cathedral’s other treasures, such as the … Continue reading Buzzzz: The Little Survivors of #NotreDame