Was Jane Austen Woke?

“There are places in town, offices, where inquiry would soon produce something – offices for the sale, not quite of human flesh, but of human intellect”, to which Mrs Elton replies with, “Oh! my dear, human flesh! You quite shock me; if you mean a fling at the slave trade, I assure you Mr. Suckling was always rather a friend to the abolition.” Passages like the one above, from Jane Austen’s novel Emma, would seem to suggest Austen herself was in favor of the abolitionists. However, as anyone who doesn’t live under a tea cozy would know, controversy was stirred … Continue reading Was Jane Austen Woke?

Rats! Jane Eyre & #TheYearoftheRat

Today marks the beginning of the Chinese Zodiac’s Year of the Rat. Interestingly, along with such celebs as Scarlett Johansson, Katy Perry and #Prince Harry, Charlotte Bronte was born under this sign. Consider the personality traits of Female Rats: Hardworking, adaptable & cheery Frugal & clean–hey, it may look like a rat’s nest but it’s really a home! Dedicated to family Clever & shrewd; detail-oriented Known to have a jealous streak, due to the strength of their love A survivor, though sometimes also a social outcast These qualities were not only evident in Charlotte, who urged her sisters to publish … Continue reading Rats! Jane Eyre & #TheYearoftheRat

Very Anne #Bronte Problems

In honor of Anne Bronte’s birthday on Friday, January 17th the characters in Jane Eyre Gets Real bring you these: Branwell Is Always Mansplaining How To Write A Novel Agnes Grey Is Never Seduced By Mr. Rochester Anne penned “There is always a butt in this imperfect world” before Charlotte changed it to “but” Big Movie Deal Fell Through For Tenant of Wildfell Hall Had A Tendency to Appear As A Fairy To The Naked Human Eye Anne Who??? Continue reading Very Anne #Bronte Problems

Very #Bronte Holiday Problems

The characters in Jane Eyre Gets Real wish you a happy #Christmas. Below is Jane’s affectionate homage to the family of her original creator: Branwell Drinks All The Punch, Mistakenly Thinking It Contains Rum All the Girls Get New Darning Eggs For Christmas From Their Beloved Father! In Case of Unexpected Visitors, Emily Hides In The Steamer Trunk. Sadly, Anne Forgets Where She Put The Key. In Order To Ease Her Chilblains, Charlotte Burns New Manuscript Chicken In Your Backyard/Cemetery Too Quick To Catch–Porridge for Dinner Again A Whole Lot of Wuthering Going On     Continue reading Very #Bronte Holiday Problems

The First Snowman–Recorded by a Woman

  Jane Eyre, a character depicted by Charlotte Bronte and Annabelle Troy, would like dear readers to note the following: The first known picture of a snowman (or snowperson, to be politically correct) was taken by a female photographer, Mary Dillwyn, in 1853. Photography was quite a novel pastime then, with Instagram still a twinkle in some future techie’s great=great-grandfather’s eye. Unlike most of her male counterparts, Mary didn’t feel size mattered; she preferred to work with a small camera that required only short exposure times. This allowed her to be more spontaneous when she took photographs, often of children. … Continue reading The First Snowman–Recorded by a Woman

Very Victorian Problems

Brought to you by Jane Eyre. She’s a character in Annabelle Troy’s novel available on Amazon, Jane Eyre Gets Real. Oh, and Charlotte Bronte wrote about her too. You spill milk but have used all the rags curling your hair. Your doll’s wardrobe costs more than yours. You need three people to help you get dressed in the morning–and you don’t like two of them. You can only wear all black when someone dies.     Your crinoline doubles as a birdcage.   Your skirt WILL catch on fire. But you can use your cloak to put it out.   Your … Continue reading Very Victorian Problems

Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte Bronte Russe

Most people know that the creator of Jane Eyre was named Charlotte Bronte. Considering how freedom is one of the novel’s most important themes, it is interesting that “Charlotte” means “free man”–it is the feminine form of the name Charles. That’s why Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge named their little princess Charlotte, to honor William’s father. In 2015 Charlotte was ranked The #1 Most Popular Girl’s Name by Nameberry (#1 boy’s name: Ezra–yes, Ezra). Below Jane Eyre fills us in on some Charlottes that are more obscure: Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte: 1964 film directed by Robert Aldrich, starring … Continue reading Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte Bronte Russe