Every Cat Has Her Day: #Choupette

Madame Bovary, that most feline of women and a character in Jane Eyre Gets Real, wonders sometimes how Choupette is doing. In case, amidst the health and economic woes wrought by #coronavirus, you’ve forgotten who Choupette is, well, she’s the pampered cat to whom #KarlLagerfelt left a considerable inheritance. (His will, filed in Monaco, is not a public document but is rumored to name several models, not all cats, amongst the beneficiaries.) Apparently the pampered Birman kitty, who once made over $3 million a year in merchandise inspired by her, is living in Paris with Lagerfeld’s former housekeeper. In spite … Continue reading Every Cat Has Her Day: #Choupette

Very Victorian Hacks for Boredom

If you are feeling stressed/bored/unmotivated during corona virus #lockdown, here are some tips, suggested by the characters in JANE EYRE GETS REAL by Annabelle Troy: Have an old-fashioned taffy pull. Nothing gets out anguish quite like cooking corn syrup into hard balls then twisting the hell out of it. Teach your dog or other pets how to do new tricks. You may even be inspired to start your own circus. Put on some roller skates and zoom around your living room, after you have rolled up the carpets. You’ll be surprised at how good it will feel! Don’t be afraid … Continue reading Very Victorian Hacks for Boredom

Very Victorian #Work from Home Problems

As the #corona virus lock-down continues,  characters in the novel Jane Eyre Gets Real by Annabelle Troy remind you that #quarantine was no cinch for Victorians either. Here they recount some common frustrations from the past, when scarlet fever, measles or cholera forced men to stay at home–remember, women were always there anyway: You’ve Raided the Pantry More than the Mice You’ve Worn the Same Waistcoat Three Days in a Row   You Miss the Conviviality of Eating Eel Pie in Company Only Date You’ve Had in Months is With a Postcard This is Your #Netflix       Continue reading Very Victorian #Work from Home Problems

Bad Old Days

David Copperfield, a character created by Charles Dickens and who now stars in the novel Jane Eyre Gets Real, has spent over a century thinking on the bright side. To remind those #quarantine bound from #coronavirus that the past also had its problems, he presents some disasters from bygone decades, in no particular order. This is to remind you that all bad things end sooner or later! Prune Pudding: #Depression Era 1930’s dished up this nutritious if not delicious dessert; FDR served it at the White House. If it’s good enough for Eleanor… Petrol Rationing: In the 1970’s odd numbered license plates … Continue reading Bad Old Days

Who Was That Masked #Easter Bunny?

Heidi, the youngest character in Jane Eyre Gets Real by Annabelle Troy always looks forward to Easter. The holiday matches her own innocent, optimistic and spring-like personality. So she was especially proud to learn that in her home country, #Switzerland, you can buy chocolate bunnies wearing masks, a sweet response to #Covid19. Made in the tiny Baeckererei Bohnenblust Bakery of Bern–say that 3 times fast!–the little rabbits, each equipped with a spun sugar mask, are hopping off the shelves. To add to their charm every sugar mask is topped with a bright red heart. Bohnenblust may have been the first one to … Continue reading Who Was That Masked #Easter Bunny?

Blame It On The Rune: Review of Midsommar

Warning: Spoiler Alerts—Swedes Gone Mad Alice in Wonderland, created by Lewis Carroll,  is now a character in the novel Jane Eyre Gets Real. Like everyone else staying home during the #coronavirus pandemic, she’s catching up on her movies. Having missed #Midsommar the first go-round she watched it on #AmazonPrime last night. It was freaky even for her, a former denizen of Wonderland. Petite blonde actress #FlorencePugh (Amy in the recent Little Women remake) might play Alice one day. She has the right look for it. Meanwhile in Midsommar she revels in the lead role of Dani. Distraught by the recent deaths of … Continue reading Blame It On The Rune: Review of Midsommar

How to Pamper An Invalid

The concept of an invalid–a sick person confined for a long time to bed, usually at home– hasn’t had much play in modern life. But now that #coronavirus has changed everything, Jane Eyre is here to guide us on this very Victorian role. Below are some ways to spoil your special invalid during convalescence. Bed Jacket: First you might want to get them, if female, #transgnder or gender neutral, a Bed Jacket. This charming garment can be worn over a pajama top or tank then used later for evening wear or to dress up jeans. Lots of vintage examples, from … Continue reading How to Pamper An Invalid

Very Victorian #Quarantine Problems

In an attempt to bring levity to this time of #coronavirus, so serious and distressing, the characters of Jane Eyre Gets Real offer you the following reminders that 19th century self-isolation was even worse than it is today: Handkerchiefs Are Not Disposable This Is Your E-Reader No Vicks Vaporub–Instead Make Your Own Mustard Plaster The Touch of a Palm Is Your Thermometer Takes All Day To Make Anti-Bacterial Soap Difficult to Obtain Reliable #ToiletPaper Stars Are Your Best Binge Watching Option Our prayers for you to stay safe and healthy!   Continue reading Very Victorian #Quarantine Problems

Pale Horse, Pale Rider: A #Pandemic Love Story

Alert, Contains Spoilers: Now living in New York City, Jane Eyre has been self-isolating–even more than usual–and so has turned to her collection of 20th century lit. written by women. In these times of #coronavirus, we might want to remember things could always be worse–in 1918 the world had to deal with #Spanishinfluenza.  Katherine Anne Porter, whose iron butterfly novellas deserve a resurgence, wrote an autobiographical work entitled “Pale Horse, Pale Rider” based on her experiences with a nasty bout of this notorious flu and with her lover, a soldier, who dies after taking care of her. It’s an ironic … Continue reading Pale Horse, Pale Rider: A #Pandemic Love Story