Will #Pinocchio Be The Next Supermodel?

In her day Madame Bovary, a character in Jane Eyre Gets Real, was quite the slave to a pretty gown. Autumn is usually the time for fashion week in major cities, tempting people around the world with the sartorial equivalent of visions of sugar plums. With the problems presented by #Covid-19, fashion events have become unfashionable…though there are always work-arounds. For instance, in late September #Moschino decided to use puppets instead of live models to show off the brand’s creations. With help from the Jim Henson Creative Shop an entire fantasy runway came to life, complete with audience members molded … Continue reading Will #Pinocchio Be The Next Supermodel?

American Treasure

Sherlock Holmes, a character in the novel Jane Eyre Gets Real, loves solving any mystery. That includes treasure hunts. It was with great interest that he followed the true story of Forrest Fenn, a wealthy art dealer, who buried a chest full of gold coins and nuggets, jewelry and gemstones galore in the Rocky Mountains of #Colorado; he then issued clues via his self-published book, The Thrill of the Chase: A Memoir. Anyone who found the treasure, valued at $2 million, could keep it. Fenn, diagnosed with cancer at the time he published The Thrill, wished to motivate people to … Continue reading American Treasure