Don’t Deface Queen Anne’s Lace!

Jane Eyre, the heroine of Jane Eyre Gets Real by Annabelle Troy, is not pleased being stuck in contemporary NYC during #Covid-19. As spring commences she longs to be back in Thornfield Hall, dodging madwomen and strolling through the surrounding woods, picking flowers to make into medicine and jewelry. Jane’s favorite wildflower has always been #Queen Anne’s lace. Queen Anne herself was the last of the Stuart monarchs, reigning only five years (between 1702-1707). Best-known today as the gouty, rabbit-loving lesbian from the film The Favourite, where she is played by Oscar winner #OliviaColman, the real Anne was probably quite likable … Continue reading Don’t Deface Queen Anne’s Lace!

Masks: Not Just For #Superheroes Anymore!

Dorian Gray, the most enigmatic character in Annabelle Troy’s Jane Eyre Gets Real, knows all about #masks. Though #Covid-19 forces us to don disposable masks daily,  Dorian was imprinted with a permanent mask of beauty to hide his tormented soul and nefarious actions. More than anyone, he knows that all masks are not made of paper, recycled ocean plastic or cloth. For your distraction, Dorian presents his favorite masks: Venetian: Worn for centuries during Carnival, crafty Venetians also donned these elaborate creations for normal occasions, such as clandestine affairs and spying on their enemies. Because they really allow to you to … Continue reading Masks: Not Just For #Superheroes Anymore!

What’s In Your Bonnet?

The most fashionable character in Jane Eyre Gets Real, Madame Bovary is tired of talking about #Covid-19. Now that spring has come, even though the Easter Parade was cancelled, her thoughts have turned to bonnets. In 19th century society it was traditional for a lady to now change her bonnet from velvet to silk, preferably a fancy little confection trimmed with flowers and ribbons. If you’re confused about what bonnet might best suit you, Emma Bovary has prepared a guide: Poke Bonnet features a small crown and rounded brim. This is a perfect choice for the conservative woman who likes to … Continue reading What’s In Your Bonnet?

Who Was That Masked #Easter Bunny?

Heidi, the youngest character in Jane Eyre Gets Real by Annabelle Troy always looks forward to Easter. The holiday matches her own innocent, optimistic and spring-like personality. So she was especially proud to learn that in her home country, #Switzerland, you can buy chocolate bunnies wearing masks, a sweet response to #Covid19. Made in the tiny Baeckererei Bohnenblust Bakery of Bern–say that 3 times fast!–the little rabbits, each equipped with a spun sugar mask, are hopping off the shelves. To add to their charm every sugar mask is topped with a bright red heart. Bohnenblust may have been the first one to … Continue reading Who Was That Masked #Easter Bunny?