No Glitter Litter This #Xmas

David Copperfield, probably the most likeable character in Jane Eyre Gets Real, a novel by Annabelle Troy, has always been concerned with the #environment. He’d like you to know that in 2019 scientists began lobbying for a major ban on glitter products, such as tinsel and garlands, because they have been making their way into rivers and oceans, seriously damaging marine life. The United Kingdom has taken a stance on this, with major retailers including Waitrose and John Lewis having already stopped stocking all glittery things. In the USA there is online shop Bioglitter, which offers a product which biodegrades … Continue reading No Glitter Litter This #Xmas

Mustaches in #Quarantine

A quarantine trend of 2020, men growing fancy mustaches to go with their beards, is a topic not unknown by David Copperfield. Copperfield, a character in the novel Jane Eyre Gets Real by Annabelle Troy, was invented by #CharlesDickens, himself no stranger to facial hair. Modern men see mustache-growing as a sign of self-determination in a powerless time. Victorian men may have simply done it to gain an extra layer of warmth in grim winters! Regardless of the reason here are some classic types of stache, for anyone seeking inspiration: Known for its upturned curves, this will make you look … Continue reading Mustaches in #Quarantine

Bad Old Days

David Copperfield, a character created by Charles Dickens and who now stars in the novel Jane Eyre Gets Real, has spent over a century thinking on the bright side. To remind those #quarantine bound from #coronavirus that the past also had its problems, he presents some disasters from bygone decades, in no particular order. This is to remind you that all bad things end sooner or later! Prune Pudding: #Depression Era 1930’s dished up this nutritious if not delicious dessert; FDR served it at the White House. If it’s good enough for Eleanor… Petrol Rationing: In the 1970’s odd numbered license plates … Continue reading Bad Old Days

A #Love Token Of My Affection

We think of #Valentine’sDay as a time to exchange cards, flowers and Godivas. But as David Copperfield, a character in Jane Eyre Gets Real, so vividly remembers, the Victorians had a special way of showing their devotion: a common coin, sanded then engraved with all manner of sentimental designs such as entwined initials, hearts, doves and roses, even entire pastoral scenes, usually made by a man and presented to his beloved.  They lasted longer than a bouquet and were easier than scrimshaw! It became popular to sell premade love tokens at country fairs–to any gentleman who lacked the time or … Continue reading A #Love Token Of My Affection

A Tale of Two #Turkeys

David Copperfield, orphan boy grown into earnest young man, appears in Jane Eyre Gets Real. The character was, of course, created by Charles Dickens, also famous for A Tale of Two Cities, his novel about the French Revolution. Jane Eyre Gets Real is all about mashups–and that includes mashed potatoes. Below, David combines not Paris and London, but #Thanksgiving main courses with Thanksgiving themes for dessert. Turkey #1 is a dense, savory cake made of all the ingredients you would normally use for your entrees. It contains sweet potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce as well as sausage stuffing, garlic and more. Try it … Continue reading A Tale of Two #Turkeys

Uptown Ghouls

  David Copperfield, created by Charles Dickens and appearing in Jane Eyre Gets Real by Annabelle Troy, has always relied on the good fellowship of mankind. This may seem in short supply today; but, somewhat ironically in a holiday devoted to the dead, the living shine on October 31st. In some of the best neighborhoods in the USA and England, the spirit of Halloween is alive and well. Decorations are lavishly demonic and candy is democratically given to all. New York’s Upper East Side Boston’s Beacon Hill Philadelphia Los Angeles, California Kensington, London Wherever you are trick or treating, have a safe … Continue reading Uptown Ghouls

“My Father Is A Catholic Priest”

  David Copperfield, originally created by Charles Dickens and now a character in Annabelle Troy’s Jane Eyre Gets Real, is no stranger to daddy issues. Raised by a cruel stepfather, he would later find a kindly if impecunious father figure in the eccentric optimist Mr. Micawber. David greatly enjoyed reading “Priestdaddy”, the memoir written by Patricia Lockwood about her own father, who was/is a Catholic priest. (Because he was ordained after he was married and had children, he was allowed by the Church to retain his marital status and his family.) “Priestdaddy” is an entertaining, sometimes solemn, account of growing up … Continue reading “My Father Is A Catholic Priest”

19th Century Daddy Issues

David Copperfield, who appears in Jane Eyre Gets Real, also “starred” in his own novel, written by the great Charles Dickens. In this classic, Copperfield’s father dies when David is very young and his stepfather is cruel, even brutal. As #FathersDay Sunday, June 17 approaches, David reflects on the children of his literary creator. Charles Dickens and his wife Kate had 10 children. A few of them including son Charley were alcoholics with gambling addictions. Frank stuttered and walked in his sleep. Katey, the eldest daughter, would grow up to marry Charles Alston Collins, a painter and the brother of author … Continue reading 19th Century Daddy Issues

Fictional Characters Need Presents Too!

In Jane Eyre Gets Real, by Annabelle Troy, nine characters from classic literature find themselves whisked from their books and placed on a reality TV show set in contemporary NYC. As Christmas is fast approaching, they divulge what they each want most from their Secret Santa (each gift must be $25 or under) Alice in Wonderland: Game of Phones, a scavenger hunt-type board game designed with tween girls in mind. Now all she needs is an i-phone. Heidi: Goats Adult Coloring Book by Jennifer E. Garza–a coloring book filled with “stress relieving goat designs.” Though made with grown-ups in mind, there is no … Continue reading Fictional Characters Need Presents Too!

Victorian Mean Girls

October third was Mean Girls day–not a day to be mean but a time to pay homage to the 2004 cult classic starring Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried and Lacey Chabert. Written by Tina Fey, the film depicts the attempts made by newcomer Cady Heron to infiltrate–and destroy–her high school’s most popular clique. Cady succeeds in defeating “Queen Bee” Regina George, as well as learning such valuable life lessons as “only wear sweatpants on Fridays”, “joining the Mathletes is social suicide” and “the more people are afraid of you the more flowers you get.” The characters of Jane Eyre … Continue reading Victorian Mean Girls

Who Needs A Flying Car?

Last week Google co-founder Larry Page debuted his flying car. The vehicle, which can be driven vertically over open water, is rather unimaginatively called The Flyer, and is expected to be on the market by the end of 2017. Operators will NOT need a pilot’s license though they may want to keep a lifejacket handy. As far as David Copperfield (the Dickens character featured in Annabelle Troy’s Jane Eyre Gets Real) is concerned, Larry Page can keep the d–d contraption! Copperfield fondly recalls the carriages of his youth. There’s the popular phaeton, the sports car of its day, a light open vehicle … Continue reading Who Needs A Flying Car?

Wrenboys: or how to spend the time btw Xmas & New Year’s

  December 26th has always been a problem. What is to be done with a day that is so anti-climatic? Nineteenth century England had boxing day, as David Copperfield, a character created by Dickens and appearing in Jane Eyre Gets Real by Annabelle Troy, well remembers. Servants, who had to work on Christmas, were given a box full of food, some money, perhaps castoff clothing from their employers, and allowed to take the day off to visit their families. Though still a legal holiday in the UK, it hardly packs the same punch now. Throughout Europe, especially Ireland, Dec. 26th is … Continue reading Wrenboys: or how to spend the time btw Xmas & New Year’s