Snow Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

David Copperfield appears as a character in┬áJane Eyre Gets Real by Annabelle Troy. Some people say that Copperfield’s original creator, Charles Dickens, popularized the idea of a white Christmas–having written A Christmas Carol during a particularly stormy winter. Being then something of an expert on the subject, David gives us three variations of Victorian snow-related themes: 1. The #Snow Baby: a miniature figurine, in the shape of an infant or small child, engaged in some winter activity. The figure’s snowsuit is often covered in tiny pieces of crushed bisque which appear to glitter like snowflakes. The first snow babies were … Continue reading Snow Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte Bronte Russe

Most people know that the creator of Jane Eyre was named Charlotte Bronte. Considering how freedom is one of the novel’s most important themes, it is interesting that “Charlotte” means “free man”–it is the feminine form of the name Charles. That’s why Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge named their little princess Charlotte, to honor William’s father. In 2015 Charlotte was ranked The #1 Most Popular Girl’s Name by Nameberry (#1 boy’s name: Ezra–yes, Ezra). Below Jane Eyre fills us in on some Charlottes that are more obscure: Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte: 1964 film directed by Robert Aldrich, starring … Continue reading Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte Bronte Russe

Let Me Call You Sweet Tart

Recently David Copperfield, one of Charles Dicken’s most famous characters, was in the village of Bakewell, UK. Dickens once stayed in Bakewell, at the Rutland Arms, whilst writing his long-forgotten short story called “The Warilows of Wellland”; this same hotel also hosted Jane Austen, Lord Byron, and Coleridge–though never, of course, at the same time. David Copperfield just stopped by for the Bakewell Tart. This pastry, available in cardboard boxes throughout English supermarkets, is virtually unknown in the States. A pity, because the freshly made version is scrumptious. It is concocted from a shortcrust pastry shell embellished with layers of … Continue reading Let Me Call You Sweet Tart