Who Was That Masked #Easter Bunny?

Heidi, the youngest character in Jane Eyre Gets Real by Annabelle Troy always looks forward to Easter. The holiday matches her own innocent, optimistic and spring-like personality. So she was especially proud to learn that in her home country, #Switzerland, you can buy chocolate bunnies wearing masks, a sweet response to #Covid19. Made in the tiny Baeckererei Bohnenblust Bakery of Bern–say that 3 times fast!–the little rabbits, each equipped with a spun sugar mask, are hopping off the shelves. To add to their charm every sugar mask is topped with a bright red heart. Bohnenblust may have been the first one to … Continue reading Who Was That Masked #Easter Bunny?

A #Love Token Of My Affection

We think of #Valentine’sDay as a time to exchange cards, flowers and Godivas. But as David Copperfield, a character in Jane Eyre Gets Real, so vividly remembers, the Victorians had a special way of showing their devotion: a common coin, sanded then engraved with all manner of sentimental designs such as entwined initials, hearts, doves and roses, even entire pastoral scenes, usually made by a man and presented to his beloved.  They lasted longer than a bouquet and were easier than scrimshaw! It became popular to sell premade love tokens at country fairs–to any gentleman who lacked the time or … Continue reading A #Love Token Of My Affection

Tinseltown: Classic #Tinsel Gets A Makeover

Madame Bovary, the femme fatale of Annabelle Troy’s delightful novel Jane Eyre Gets Real, has always appreciated bling. One of her favorite #Christmas decorations is tinsel. Santa says that tinsel was invented in Nuremberg, Germany around 1610, was made from strands of  pure silver and was used to decorate religious statues. Some eminent Victorians, like the Queen, had the bright idea of festooning tree branches with this shiny stuff, to enhance the glow of the candles also used as decorations. By the early 1900s aluminum was being used to create tinsel–in fact, Emma Bovary’s home country of France was the leading … Continue reading Tinseltown: Classic #Tinsel Gets A Makeover

Chocolate #Turkey: Not Just for Dessert Anymore

If the above image is your idea of a chocolate turkey, Madame Emma Bovary is here to set you straight. The only character of French heritage to appear in the whimsical novel Jane Eyre Gets Real, she is delighted to tell you about the chocolate turkey NOT made of candy, and originally bred by French Jesuits in the United States as far back as the 1500s (when they–the birds, not the Jesuits–were known as dindon de chocolat). Popular in the American South before the Civil War, the breed has now dwindled. However, select turkey breeders throughout the USA have painstakingly recreated the genetics … Continue reading Chocolate #Turkey: Not Just for Dessert Anymore

Ode to #Choupette, World’s Richest #Cat

There once was a cat named Choupette who never had to worry about debt. She modeled for cars and for beauty, Purina couldn’t license her booty; the designer who owned her thought victuals too vulgar no cat chow ads for the lovely Choupette.   Now she lives in a mansion with a bank account and a pension, silver fur brushed daily by maids, her cushion trimmed with golden braid. She never has to eat mice; they are not nearly as nice as caviar from a spoon made of jade.   Only one thing this cat lacks; mere wealth can’t bring … Continue reading Ode to #Choupette, World’s Richest #Cat

All #Calendars Are Not Created Equal

Mr. Darcy who is a character in Jane Eyre Gets Real first appeared in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, which was published in 1813. Just as the English escaped Napoleonic rule so did Fitzwilliam Darcy escape a childhood ruled by the French #Republican calendar. From 1793-1805 (as well as for 18 days during 1871, by the Paris Commune) France, high on its victory, heady with notions of liberty, egality and fraternity, abandoned the Gregorian measurements used by everyone else and introduced Revolutionary time. Its aim was to remove all religious and royalist influences from the lives of the people. Though there were still … Continue reading All #Calendars Are Not Created Equal

Are Dolphins Players?

  Emma Bovary, a character in Jane Eyre Gets Real, was infamous in her time for being a housewife on the prowl. Bored with her dull husband, she sought adventures in love with a series of unworthy men, most notably a self-absorbed aristocrat and an immature if handsome bank clerk. Well, pickings were slim in 19th century France, even for a beauty. It is with a mixture of interest and revulsion that Emma has come to learn of the free- spirited antics of male dolphins. In the 1960s, an era generally known for its experimental attitude, Margaret Lovatt lived in a converted … Continue reading Are Dolphins Players?