Snow Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

David Copperfield appears as a character in Jane Eyre Gets Real by Annabelle Troy. Some people say that Copperfield’s original creator, Charles Dickens, popularized the idea of a white Christmas–having written A Christmas Carol during a particularly stormy winter. Being then something of an expert on the subject, David gives us three variations of Victorian snow-related themes: 1. The #Snow Baby: a miniature figurine, in the shape of an infant or small child, engaged in some winter activity. The figure’s snowsuit is often covered in tiny pieces of crushed bisque which appear to glitter like snowflakes. The first snow babies were … Continue reading Snow Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

It Could Be Wurst

The youngest character in Jane Eyre Gets Real by Annabelle Troy, Heidi,  is excited for #Halloween, yet wild for #Oktoberfest. She has fond memories of celebrating it in Germany, where she once went with Grandfather (though that was omitted from her book). After a few beers Grandfather could be a lot of fun and they danced, sang and ate wurst all through the night. Here are some fun wurst facts: Popular knackwurst is made of ground pork in a short, thick shape. Vampires should beware as knackwurst can be heavily flavored with garlic. Hearty bratwurst can go gourmet if served with baked camembert. But most Germans enjoy … Continue reading It Could Be Wurst

A Most Angelic Flower

“When the March sun began to melt the snow on the slopes, the first snowdrops came out”–quote from Heidi The snowdrop that Heidi would have seen blooming in the Swiss Alps represents the common genus; there are twenty other varieties. But Heidi, a character in Jane Eyre Gets Real by Annabelle Troy, has always known that simple things are best. Known to flower as early as January, the little snowdrop poking its way out of the cold creates an image that is both pure and hardy. According to one folk legend, the first snowdrop appeared when an angel saw Eve, cast out … Continue reading A Most Angelic Flower