Look If You Dare: Haunted Portraits With Dorian Gray

The most diabolical character in Jane Eyre Gets Real, Dorian Gray knows he’s not the only one burdened by a haunted portrait. Below, just in time for #Halloween (that most vulgar holiday) he reveals his all-time favorites: Bernardo de Galzev, the Galvez Hotel, Texas: Photos snapped of this Spanish military officer will come out blurry unless you “ask” his permission first. Also, there have been reports of temperatures plummeting when you stand in front of him. Not to mention his eyes follow you around the room. Love Letters, also in Texas (replica hangs in Austin’s Driskill Hotel): Spooky little girl holds flowers … Continue reading Look If You Dare: Haunted Portraits With Dorian Gray

Turn Your Signature Look Into A #Halloween Costume

  Sherlock Holmes, a character in Jane Eyre Gets Real, is known for his pipe, cape and deerstalker hat. And who would Alice in Wonderland be without her pinafore, blue dress and hairbow which is even referred to as an “Alice band’? If you want to dress up as a literary character this Halloween, think of emulating your favorite literary hero or heroine–braid your hair and don an embroidered full skirt/white peasant blouse/boots and you’re an instant Heidi! Or Darcy it up in tight jeans (as a substitute for nankeen britches) and a vintage waistcoat, perhaps with a dangling pocket watch. Don’t … Continue reading Turn Your Signature Look Into A #Halloween Costume

Very Victorian Halloween Problems

The witching season is upon us. Mr. Darcy, Sherlock Holmes, Dorian Gray and the other characters in Jane Eyre Gets Real by Annabelle Troy present this to you with their compliments: Ghosts were really aggressive back then You Only Have Enough Crumpets For Three But Uninvited Guests Keep Dropping By All You Want Is A Nice Family Photo But Mum Keeps Being Difficult Stop Trying to Make “How Hallow’eeny” Happen, It’s Not Going to Happen Stiff Competition for Miss Witch USA   Your Wife Is Dead Yet She Still Insists On Playing The Piano Email Hasn’t Been Invented So You Receive … Continue reading Very Victorian Halloween Problems