A #Love Token Of My Affection

We think of #Valentine’sDay as a time to exchange cards, flowers and Godivas. But as David Copperfield, a character in Jane Eyre Gets Real, so vividly remembers, the Victorians had a special way of showing their devotion: a common coin, sanded then engraved with all manner of sentimental designs such as entwined initials, hearts, doves and roses, even entire pastoral scenes, usually made by a man and presented to his beloved.┬á They lasted longer than a bouquet and were easier than scrimshaw! It became popular to sell premade love tokens at country fairs–to any gentleman who lacked the time or … Continue reading A #Love Token Of My Affection

Happy Bling #Easter

Jane Eyre may spend this Sunday dyeing hard-boiled eggs the old-fashioned way, without vinegar, and with a lot of onion skins, plants and whatnot. Dorian Gray, her fellow character in the novel┬áJane Eyre Gets Real, prefers a more decadent approach. These are his picks for a most extravagant Easter holiday: Have the $2000 “Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata” at Norma’s in New York City’s Parker Meridien Hotel. Made with an entire lobster, six fresh eggs and chives, and served over a bed of Yukon gold potatoes, it’s really the 10 ounces of Sevruga caviar that makes the dish so costly. Carry … Continue reading Happy Bling #Easter