Every Cat Has Her Day: #Choupette

Madame Bovary, that most feline of women and a character in Jane Eyre Gets Real, wonders sometimes how Choupette is doing. In case, amidst the health and economic woes wrought by #coronavirus, you’ve forgotten who Choupette is, well, she’s the pampered cat to whom #KarlLagerfelt left a considerable inheritance. (His will, filed in Monaco, is not a public document but is rumored to name several models, not all cats, amongst the beneficiaries.) Apparently the pampered Birman kitty, who once made over $3 million a year in merchandise inspired by her, is living in Paris with Lagerfeld’s former housekeeper. In spite … Continue reading Every Cat Has Her Day: #Choupette

Ode to #Choupette, World’s Richest #Cat

There once was a cat named Choupette who never had to worry about debt. She modeled for cars and for beauty, Purina couldn’t license her booty; the designer who owned her thought victuals too vulgar no cat chow ads for the lovely Choupette.   Now she lives in a mansion with a bank account and a pension, silver fur brushed daily by maids, her cushion trimmed with golden braid. She never has to eat mice; they are not nearly as nice as caviar from a spoon made of jade.   Only one thing this cat lacks; mere wealth can’t bring … Continue reading Ode to #Choupette, World’s Richest #Cat

Very Victorian Painter Problems

Dorian Gray, a character in Jane Eyre Gets Real who is best known for his portrait, recently saw the film #Gaugin: Voyage to Tahiti. He found that it committed the transgression of being boring whilst being beautiful. However, it did inspire Dorian to the following insights on the problems of Victorian painters: 1. Can’t Find a Naked Woman Anywhere 2. Favorite Green Paint Contains Arsenic 3. Hard to Paint in the Fog 4. Cat Keeps Eating Your Models 5. Sudden Urge to Exhume Dead Wife (see infamous case of Dante Gabriel Rossetti,  the Pre-Raphaelite painter & poet; he dug up former wife/favorite model Lizzie … Continue reading Very Victorian Painter Problems