Bridgerton: #Mr.Darcy Weighs In

In Annabelle Troy’s novel Jane Eyre Gets Real, in which several literary characters find themselves stuck in a Big Brother type reality show, Mr. Darcy is the character who represents Jane Austen. So it is only fitting that he give his opinion of #Bridgerton, the Netflix series set during the Regency, based on the novels of Julia Quinn. From the beginning Mr. Darcy enjoyed the show’s lush production values and perfect costumes. It gets so many details, such as the slang of the times, just right. It was pleasant to see a color blind cast and fresh faces. The principal … Continue reading Bridgerton: #Mr.Darcy Weighs In

New Emma Film: A Regency #Valentine

Mr. Darcy, a character in Jane Eyre Gets Real by Annabelle Troy, has a secret fondness for the film adaptation of Emma starring #GwynethPaltrow. So he wasn’t sure how he’d feel about the “new” Emma adaptation, made in 2020. #Mr.Darcy is here to say he was pleasantly surprised. The original Emma is an elegant, pastel-toned drama with arch comic touches; the recent depiction a vividly colored, brisk comedy. The heroine is played by #Anya Taylor-Joy, of Queen’s Gambit fame, and she makes a younger, less conventionally beautiful but in many ways more compelling Miss Woodhouse. Taylor-Joy is not afraid to … Continue reading New Emma Film: A Regency #Valentine

Already Broken #NewYearResolutions

The characters of Jane Eyre Gets Real by Annabelle Troy may be better known for their whimsy than their stamina. Below are the resolutions of the famous nine, which have proven to be a tall order: Hester Prynne: stop compulsively embroidering Alice in Wonderland: don’t follow strange rabbits Heidi: trade that dirndl for some North Face Emma Bovary: clip coupons Jane Eyre: don’t become engaged to already-married men Sherlock Holmes: no more mansplaining, even to Dr. Watson Mr. Darcy: never marry a bookish girl with an irritating mother & ineligible sisters David Copperfield: step up and be the hero of my own life … Continue reading Already Broken #NewYearResolutions

Very Regency #Thanksgiving Problems

Mr. Darcy, created by Jane Austen and recreated by Annabelle Troy in her book Jane Eyre Gets Real, didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving. But if he had he might have faced these common Regency entertainment problems: Must Harvest Your Own Cranberries Plenty of Stove But No Stove Top Stuffing You WILL Be Judged On Your Napkins Your Dessert Just Isn’t Wobbly Enough Your Cook Thinks This Is A Turkey Continue reading Very Regency #Thanksgiving Problems

Mr. Darcy’s #Disneyland: Vauxhall

If you’ve ever wondered where people in the Regency and early Victorian eras went to beat the heat, Mr. Darcy, a character in Jane Eyre Gets Real, will whisper this word in your ear, “Vauxhall.” This pleasure garden was opened in South London, on the banks of the Thames, in 1661. However, Vauxhall didn’t reach the height of its popularity til the late eighteenth century, when it was owned and managed by Jonathan Tyers, a P. T. Barnum-like promoter. He introduced season tickets (for a guinea) that looked like metal tags, engraved with the owner’s name. It was also possible to … Continue reading Mr. Darcy’s #Disneyland: Vauxhall

The Sense & Sensibility of #Roses

A character in Jane Eyre Gets Real, #Mr.Darcy knows a thing or two about roses. His garden at Pemberley is full of them. The most popular styles in the Regency included Damask, White, Moss, Provence and French roses. It was common to grow roses in large pots or to plant them in gardens in a circular manner, using boxwood as “borders”, as if flowers were decorations on a page. However, with all his love for flowers and plants, Mr. Darcy never thought of them as sentient beings. Only recently has science taken plants seriously as sensitive beings, potentially capable of feeling … Continue reading The Sense & Sensibility of #Roses

Mothers and Others

On the eve of #Mother’sDay,  let’s reflect on the maternal situations of the characters in Jane Eyre Gets Real. Jane Eyre: Orphan. Doesn’t have to worry about sending a Mother’s OR a Father’s Day card. Dorian Gray: Never mentions parents. He seems to have been “created” by his portrait-painter. David Copperfield: His gentle, widowed mother remarries a brute who makes David’s childhood miserable; nevertheless, David’s love for her never wavers. Sherlock Holmes: It’s tempting to think he sprang from his father’s head, fully formed. Alice in Wonderland: Her mother seems to give her a lot of freedom, letting her and her sister … Continue reading Mothers and Others

Victorian Bon Mots

Bon mots are like small candies eager to be enjoyed. If you’ve eaten up all of your Valentine’s Day chocolates, never mind–let these bon mots from the characters of  Jane Eyre Gets Real sweeten your palate. Jane Eyre: Gloves are like swans; they mate for life. Dorian Gray: If you don’t like what you see in the mirror stop seeking your reflection. Mr. Darcy: Never tell a single woman you have a fortune unless you expect to marry her. Hester Prynne: Children born of adultery are twice as cunning. Heidi: Make fondue, not war. Sherlock Holmes: Perhaps Jack the Ripper was never caught because, unlike most … Continue reading Victorian Bon Mots

All #Calendars Are Not Created Equal

Mr. Darcy who is a character in Jane Eyre Gets Real first appeared in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, which was published in 1813. Just as the English escaped Napoleonic rule so did Fitzwilliam Darcy escape a childhood ruled by the French #Republican calendar. From 1793-1805 (as well as for 18 days during 1871, by the Paris Commune) France, high on its victory, heady with notions of liberty, egality and fraternity, abandoned the Gregorian measurements used by everyone else and introduced Revolutionary time. Its aim was to remove all religious and royalist influences from the lives of the people. Though there were still … Continue reading All #Calendars Are Not Created Equal

Mr. Darcy’s #NewYear’sResolution

Below Mr. Darcy and the other characters in Jane Eyre Gets Real by Annabelle Troy share their resolutions Mr. Darcy: Propose to some woman and live happily ever after Emma Bovary: Marry Mr. Darcy Sherlock Holmes: Ban all showings of the new Will Ferrell film Holmes and Watson Heidi: Eat more cheese Alice in Wonderland: Avoid rabbit holes Hester Prynne: Take up knitting David Copperfield: Give more to charity Dorian Gray: Drink more Jane Eyre: Go bungee jumping, at least once The cast of Jane Eyre Gets Real wishes you an extremely happy & healthy 2019! Continue reading Mr. Darcy’s #NewYear’sResolution

Alice in Wonderland’s #Thanksgiving Tea Party

Alice in Wonderland, a character in Jane Eyre Gets Real by Annabelle Troy, doesn’t fancy a big meal for Thanksgiving. Instead, she is throwing a tea party for her flatmates, including Sherlock Holmes, Mr. Darcy, Heidi, Hester Prynne and of course Jane Eyre. She has rethought some classic dishes and tried to make them full of hearty autumn flavors yet simple and delightful and, wherever possible, bite-size. Refreshments will be served on Victorian china with a leaf pattern, laid out upon starched white linen, and the teapot shall be shaped like a squirrel. Only downside: no leftovers. Great fun, we have … Continue reading Alice in Wonderland’s #Thanksgiving Tea Party

Autumn The #JaneAusten Way

Mr. Darcy, a character who, by the grace of Jane Austen, features prominently in the novel Jane Eyre Gets Real by Annabelle Troy, wishes to remind you that Sept. 22 is the Autumn Equinox. Celebrate the Regency way by following some rural customs: Honor Pomona, the goddess of apples, by baking an apple pie or going to your local orchard and picking some–apples, that is, not pies–straight off the trees. Make Corn Dolls, aka Corn Poppets, from dried husks. Click on this link to find out how: Build a Scarecrow. Forget Build a Bear; instead make a scarecrow by stuffing some … Continue reading Autumn The #JaneAusten Way