Hot Dogs Al Fresco: Dining Out During A #Pandemic

  You can call it eating in the open air or, as Madame Bovary–the only French character in Jane Eyre Gets Real–would more elegantly put it, dining al fresco. In the time of #Covid19,though indoor dining has resumed in many European establishments, American cities such as San Francisco, Chicago and New York are taking restaurant service to the streets. Outdoor dining is technically as old as the first shepherd who ate bread and cheese under the stars. In the USA the roots of an al fresco meal are just as humble. Before #Nathan’s on Coney Island there was Feltman’s Ocean … Continue reading Hot Dogs Al Fresco: Dining Out During A #Pandemic

Uptown Ghouls

  David Copperfield, created by Charles Dickens and appearing in Jane Eyre Gets Real by Annabelle Troy, has always relied on the good fellowship of mankind. This may seem in short supply today; but, somewhat ironically in a holiday devoted to the dead, the living shine on October 31st. In some of the best neighborhoods in the USA and England, the spirit of Halloween is alive and well. Decorations are lavishly demonic and candy is democratically given to all. New York’s Upper East Side Boston’s Beacon Hill Philadelphia Los Angeles, California Kensington, London Wherever you are trick or treating, have a safe … Continue reading Uptown Ghouls

Mrs. Brown, With Mangoes

Jane Eyre, living now in NYC courtesy of the novel Jane Eyre Gets Real, was surprised recently when she saw a coming attraction for Victoria and Abdul. The movie, starring Judi Dench and Ali Fazal, has just opened in New York. It tells the true story of the aging queen and how she makes an Indian butler her Muslim adviser. Directed by Stephen Frears, of Philomena fame, the film has a stellar cast and lavish production values. Normally it would be right up Jane’s alley–except it all seems to be suspiciously like the 1997 movie Mrs. Brown.  Mrs. Brown also starred Judi Dench as … Continue reading Mrs. Brown, With Mangoes