Alice in Wonderland’s Sister

Alice, stranded in contemporary New York City where she’s a character in┬áJane Eyre Gets Real, has been catching up on episodes of #TheCrown. The often-strained relationship between #QueenElizabeth and her younger sister Princess Margaret has made Alice remember her own sister. In Lewis Carroll’s masterpiece, Alice’s older sister is mentioned only twice, at the very beginning and the very end, and is never given a name. Right before Alice falls into a rabbit hole the sister is depicted reading a book without illustrations; at the tale’s conclusion Alice, returned from Wonderland, confides in her sister that she has had some … Continue reading Alice in Wonderland’s Sister

Was Jack the Ripper A Tormented Poet?

Sherlock Holmes is reading A Cure for Cecily by Annabelle Troy. It’s a dark Victorian tale of romance, insanity and passion. Cecily, a young artist, is locked away in an asylum by her wealthy husband; she rebels by running away with a sympathetic doctor–but at what price? The book is available for free on Amazon Nov. 13-17: Now back to Jack. For obvious reasons, Sherlock has had a lifelong fascination with this case. There’s even a movie called Murder by Decree, in which Christopher Plummer plays Holmes tracking down the Ripper, who turns out to be the son of … Continue reading Was Jack the Ripper A Tormented Poet?