Alice’s #IcedTea Party

Alice in Wonderland, a character in Annabelle Troy’s droll novel Jane Eyre Gets Real, is known to love tea parties. Transported by magic out of Wonderland and into the heat of a NYC summer, Alice has learned to make iced tea instead. This treat was relatively unknown to the Victorians. Before refrigerators were invented people had to rely on ice houses, man-made structures built underground near freshwater lakes. By the end of the 19th century a lot of families did have “ice boxes”, which were made of wood and lined with zinc or tin. A man would make daily rounds of … Continue reading Alice’s #IcedTea Party


No matter what your age, Halloween is the day to enjoy treats. The characters from Jane Eyre Gets Real share their own sweet picks below: Sherlock Holmes: black licorice pipes Hester Prynne: popcorn balls (popcorn being from the New World though actually not popular til 1820s when it was sold under the name “pearl”; however, Hester was always a trendsetter–single mom, big appliques on shirts–so we’ll say she discovered it first) Mr. Darcy: marzipan Jane Eyre: raisins, nuts & oranges Emma Bovary: caramels sprinkled with fleur de sel Heidi: Toblerone milk chocolate with honey and almond nougat David Copperfield: saltwater taffy (as … Continue reading WE WANT CANDY