Blame It On The Rune: Review of Midsommar

Warning: Spoiler Alerts—Swedes Gone Mad Alice in Wonderland, created by Lewis Carroll,  is now a character in the novel Jane Eyre Gets Real. Like everyone else staying home during the #coronavirus pandemic, she’s catching up on her movies. Having missed #Midsommar the first go-round she watched it on #AmazonPrime last night. It was freaky even for her, a former denizen of Wonderland. Petite blonde actress #FlorencePugh (Amy in the recent Little Women remake) might play Alice one day. She has the right look for it. Meanwhile in Midsommar she revels in the lead role of Dani. Distraught by the recent deaths of … Continue reading Blame It On The Rune: Review of Midsommar

Rats! Jane Eyre & #TheYearoftheRat

Today marks the beginning of the Chinese Zodiac’s Year of the Rat. Interestingly, along with such celebs as Scarlett Johansson, Katy Perry and #Prince Harry, Charlotte Bronte was born under this sign. Consider the personality traits of Female Rats: Hardworking, adaptable & cheery Frugal & clean–hey, it may look like a rat’s nest but it’s really a home! Dedicated to family Clever & shrewd; detail-oriented Known to have a jealous streak, due to the strength of their love A survivor, though sometimes also a social outcast These qualities were not only evident in Charlotte, who urged her sisters to publish … Continue reading Rats! Jane Eyre & #TheYearoftheRat

Rich Baby, Poor Baby

Jane Eyre was always a governess, never a nursemaid. However, with all the hoopla surrounding the royal birth of Archie, first child of #PrinceHarry and #MeghanMarkle, she has begun to think a lot about babies (after all, she was a mother herself–she had at least one recorded son with husband Edward Rochester). Infants were treated a certain way  depending on their parents’ status; like everything in the Victorian world–and perhaps our own–wealth had a lot to do with it. A rich baby could expect its own living space, a nursery, equipped with such items as a wicker bassinet trimmed with … Continue reading Rich Baby, Poor Baby

Very Victorian #RoyalWedding Problems

  #MeghanMarkle and #PrinceHarry may be encountering logistical problems shortly before the Windsor Castle extravaganza scheduled for tomorrow. However, Jane Eyre, a character in Annabelle Troy’s novel Jane Eyre Gets Real, can remember all the way back to 1840 and the day Queen Victoria wed Prince Albert. Here are some of the wedding hoops Victoria had to jump through: White Wedding Gowns Were Not Yet in Fashion but Victoria Insisted on Wearing White Silk, Trimmed with Lace & Orange Blossoms. Interestingly, White At That Time Symbolized Not Purity But Wealth. The Groom Was Prettier than the Bride. Victoria Mourned the Fact … Continue reading Very Victorian #RoyalWedding Problems