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Laura In The News

It hasn’t even been two weeks since #Hurricane Laura hit the USA. Death tolls from this storm have been reckoned at 64, and #Louisiana continues to reel from its effects. Hopefully, hurricanes will stay away from our shores for the rest of the season (which usually ends in November). With fingers crossed, the characters of #JaneEyreGetsReal by Annabelle Troy each reflect on their favorite #Laura, from fact or fiction. Dorian Grey: British painter Dame Laura Knight (1877-1870) Madame Bovary: Petrarch’s Laura–the adored subject of a 14th century love sonnet David Copperfield: maternal figure and former First Lady Laura Bush Hester … Continue reading Laura In The News

Sherlock Holmes Reveals The Killer of Prince Albert

The characters in Jane Eyre Gets Real are almost all of the Victorian era and “knew” Prince Albert, the Queen’s consort, well. He was born August 26, 1819. Considered a kind, intelligent man–as well as handsome, in his youth–his accomplishments including strengthening the constitutional monarchy, advancing social issues, and popularizing #Christmas. He died at the age of 42, plunging Queen Victoria, their children and their court into perpetual mourning. Officially the cause of Prince Albert’s death is recorded as “typhoid.” However, as #SherlockHolmes has been quick to note, Albert was ill for most of his life; pale, feverish and so … Continue reading Sherlock Holmes Reveals The Killer of Prince Albert

American Treasure

Sherlock Holmes, a character in the novel Jane Eyre Gets Real, loves solving any mystery. That includes treasure hunts. It was with great interest that he followed the true story of Forrest Fenn, a wealthy art dealer, who buried a chest full of gold coins and nuggets, jewelry and gemstones galore in the Rocky Mountains of #Colorado; he then issued clues via his self-published book, The Thrill of the Chase: A Memoir. Anyone who found the treasure, valued at $2 million, could keep it. Fenn, diagnosed with cancer at the time he published The Thrill, wished to motivate people to … Continue reading American Treasure

You Made Your #Flower Bed Now Lie In It!

Sherlock Holmes, a character in Jane Eyre Gets Real by Annabelle Troy, is no stranger to looking beneath the surface of things. He knows that underneath beauty’s facade there often lurks a dark soul; he was, for instance, onto flatmate #DorianGray from the second he met him. But that’s another story… Holmes, being a beekeeper, knows that a type of honeybee, the Diadasia diminuta,  sleeps inside an orange flower called Globe Mallow. They also like to make their bed in the California poppy and other buds which close up at night–how cozy! An adult bee will sleep about an hour per night … Continue reading You Made Your #Flower Bed Now Lie In It!

Already Broken #NewYearResolutions

The characters of Jane Eyre Gets Real by Annabelle Troy may be better known for their whimsy than their stamina. Below are the resolutions of the famous nine, which have proven to be a tall order: Hester Prynne: stop compulsively embroidering Alice in Wonderland: don’t follow strange rabbits Heidi: trade that dirndl for some North Face Emma Bovary: clip coupons Jane Eyre: don’t become engaged to already-married men Sherlock Holmes: no more mansplaining, even to Dr. Watson Mr. Darcy: never marry a bookish girl with an irritating mother & ineligible sisters David Copperfield: step up and be the hero of my own life … Continue reading Already Broken #NewYearResolutions

Would #SherlockHolmes Vape?

Sherlock Holmes, the renowned detective created by Arthur Conan Doyle and recreated by Annabelle Troy in Jane Eyre Gets Real, was famous for pipe smoking. Whilst this may have been among his least unsavory habits, smoking a pipe has been revealed as being every bit as dangerous as smoking a cigarette (especially when it comes to the development of oral cancers such as those of the lips, mouth, throat and tongue). Would a modern day Holmes lay aside his pipe and start to #vape? Herbert Gilbert developed a “smokeless non-tobacco cigarette” in 1963. Hon Lik, a Chinese firm, came up the … Continue reading Would #SherlockHolmes Vape?

Mothers and Others

On the eve of #Mother’sDay,  let’s reflect on the maternal situations of the characters in Jane Eyre Gets Real. Jane Eyre: Orphan. Doesn’t have to worry about sending a Mother’s OR a Father’s Day card. Dorian Gray: Never mentions parents. He seems to have been “created” by his portrait-painter. David Copperfield: His gentle, widowed mother remarries a brute who makes David’s childhood miserable; nevertheless, David’s love for her never wavers. Sherlock Holmes: It’s tempting to think he sprang from his father’s head, fully formed. Alice in Wonderland: Her mother seems to give her a lot of freedom, letting her and her sister … Continue reading Mothers and Others

Buzzzz: The Little Survivors of #NotreDame

Everyone is aware of the devastating flames that recently wreaked havoc on the beauty of Notre Dame, Paris. Two characters in Jane Eyre Gets Real were especially alarmed: Madame Bovary, who visited the cathedral in her day and who, despite quite a few sins, still considers herself a Catholic and devout beekeeper Sherlock Holmes. Just as Emma Bovary drew a sigh of relief when she realized Notre Dame’s esteemed rose glass was spared in the fire, so Sherlock rejoiced to learn the cathedral’s bees were safe–all 180,000 of them. Though not as famous as the cathedral’s other treasures, such as the … Continue reading Buzzzz: The Little Survivors of #NotreDame

Victorian Bon Mots

Bon mots are like small candies eager to be enjoyed. If you’ve eaten up all of your Valentine’s Day chocolates, never mind–let these bon mots from the characters of  Jane Eyre Gets Real sweeten your palate. Jane Eyre: Gloves are like swans; they mate for life. Dorian Gray: If you don’t like what you see in the mirror stop seeking your reflection. Mr. Darcy: Never tell a single woman you have a fortune unless you expect to marry her. Hester Prynne: Children born of adultery are twice as cunning. Heidi: Make fondue, not war. Sherlock Holmes: Perhaps Jack the Ripper was never caught because, unlike most … Continue reading Victorian Bon Mots

Very Sherlock Holmes #Christmas Problems

Kissing Strangers Under Mistletoe Is Most Unhygienic Watson Always Gives Him Socks Refuses To “Fiddle” Good King Wenceslas Illogical To Bedeck Fir Trees Cocaine Dealer Insists On Spending Holiday In Biarritz Father Christmas Is Technically Breaking & Entering There Are No Plums In Plum Pudding All of the characters in Jane Eyre Gets Real by Annabelle Troy, Including Sherlock, Wish You A Very Merry Christmas!   Continue reading Very Sherlock Holmes #Christmas Problems

Alice in Wonderland’s #Thanksgiving Tea Party

Alice in Wonderland, a character in Jane Eyre Gets Real by Annabelle Troy, doesn’t fancy a big meal for Thanksgiving. Instead, she is throwing a tea party for her flatmates, including Sherlock Holmes, Mr. Darcy, Heidi, Hester Prynne and of course Jane Eyre. She has rethought some classic dishes and tried to make them full of hearty autumn flavors yet simple and delightful and, wherever possible, bite-size. Refreshments will be served on Victorian china with a leaf pattern, laid out upon starched white linen, and the teapot shall be shaped like a squirrel. Only downside: no leftovers. Great fun, we have … Continue reading Alice in Wonderland’s #Thanksgiving Tea Party