Eat Your Rosebuds While Ye May

Alice in Wonderland, a character in Annabelle Troy’s whimsical novel Jane Eyre Gets Real, loves roses. To combat the #coronavirus blues she is planning on holding a celebration tea on June 8th, the day #NewYorkCity is scheduled to come out of #lockdown. Not only will she serve everything on rose-patterned china, the menu too will be based on this classic flower. Keep in mind that roses in their natural state are edible–beware though of long-stemmed beauties from the florist’s, as they might have been treated with insecticides harmful to humans. Alice’s Rosy Menu: Rose Jelly on Crumpets–aka Rose Jam Organic … Continue reading Eat Your Rosebuds While Ye May

Don’t Deface Queen Anne’s Lace!

Jane Eyre, the heroine of Jane Eyre Gets Real by Annabelle Troy, is not pleased being stuck in contemporary NYC during #Covid-19. As spring commences she longs to be back in Thornfield Hall, dodging madwomen and strolling through the surrounding woods, picking flowers to make into medicine and jewelry. Jane’s favorite wildflower has always been #Queen Anne’s lace. Queen Anne herself was the last of the Stuart monarchs, reigning only five years (between 1702-1707). Best-known today as the gouty, rabbit-loving lesbian from the film The Favourite, where she is played by Oscar winner #OliviaColman, the real Anne was probably quite likable … Continue reading Don’t Deface Queen Anne’s Lace!

Alice’s #IcedTea Party

Alice in Wonderland, a character in Annabelle Troy’s droll novel Jane Eyre Gets Real, is known to love tea parties. Transported by magic out of Wonderland and into the heat of a NYC summer, Alice has learned to make iced tea instead. This treat was relatively unknown to the Victorians. Before refrigerators were invented people had to rely on ice houses, man-made structures built underground near freshwater lakes. By the end of the 19th century a lot of families did have “ice boxes”, which were made of wood and lined with zinc or tin. A man would make daily rounds of … Continue reading Alice’s #IcedTea Party

A Confederacy of Lunches

David Copperfield, a character in Jane Eyre Gets Real, was no stranger to the vagary of circumstances. He knew what it was like to be very poor, quite wealthy, and everything in between. Like clothing and housing, food has always been a solid indicator of the good, or the bad, life. Unemployed, homeless people were consigned to workhouses in Victorian times. Lunch, the main meal, was called “dinner”. According to a menu from a real Victorian workhouse, dinners consisted of 6 oz. bread, 2 oz. cheese per person, varied by such alternatives as 8 oz. bread, 1 and 1/2 pints of … Continue reading A Confederacy of Lunches

Summer Tea-sers

Tea is not just for winter. The nine characters in the novel Jane Eyre Gets Real share their favorite way to enjoy this classic beverage on a steamy summer’s day. Alice in Wonderland: a pot of chamomile served with rabbit mousse tea sandwiches; rabbit mousse is like ham mousse but made with–well, you know…. Emma Bovary: oolang tea macarons Hester: homemade herbal tea cough drops (good for allergies) Mr. Darcy: Earl Grey shortbread biscuits Sherlock Holmes: salmon cured in lapsang souchong Dorian Gray (no relation to Earl): iced tea with bourbon Jane Eyre: lavender tea bread David Copperfield: black tea punch (Mr. … Continue reading Summer Tea-sers