Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Alice in Wonderland, the character in Jane Eyre Gets Real who has the longest hair, sympathizes with the recent plight of #TessicaBrown. As you may know, Tessica is the #gorillagluegirl, who tried to keep her hairstyle intact with a dab of yes, Gorilla Glue. In bygone centuries keeping your hair on was no picnic, as these styles can attest:

Romantic Era, Fashion and Costume 1825-1835
1820s: classic up-do not complete without flowers and/or fruit
Women's Hairstyles -1840 to 1960
1860s: Civil War aside, it’s all about the ringlets
1870s Hair Bow | Historical Hairstyling - YouTube
1870s: Let’s Have Fun With Braids!
Superb Vintage Photos of Beautiful Edwardian Era Hairstyles | FROM THE  BYGONE
1890s: Rock That Pompadour
Marcel Waves and Finger Waves Hairstyles of the 1920s | 1930s makeup, 1930s  hair, Vintage makeup
1930s: Marcel Wave–Fingers, but no Glue, Required!

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