Snow Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

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David Copperfield appears as a character in Jane Eyre Gets Real by Annabelle Troy. Some people say that Copperfield’s original creator, Charles Dickens, popularized the idea of a white Christmas–having written A Christmas Carol during a particularly stormy winter. Being then something of an expert on the subject, David gives us three variations of Victorian snow-related themes:

1. The #Snow Baby: a miniature figurine, in the shape of an infant or small child, engaged in some winter activity. The figure’s snowsuit is often covered in tiny pieces of crushed bisque which appear to glitter like snowflakes. The first snow babies were manufactured in Germany in the 1890’s; Japan in the 1920’s began to churn out replicas, of lower quality. The babies became ubiquitous again in 1980’s America, made by a company called Department 56. Original German snow babies were often used as cake toppers and painted in pastel colors. They were inspired by the birth of Admiral Robert Peary’s daughter in Greenland, on his 1893 North Pole expedition. Named Marie, she was the first baby of European origin to be born that far North (only 13 degrees south of the pole).

2. Apple Snow: a beloved Victorian #dessert (though it may have originated in Elizabethan times). Take Bramley apples and simmer them in water into which lemon zest and sugar have been added. After the apples have broken down into a pulp, fold the mixture into freshly-whipped meringues. Then spoon the concoction into pretty glass dishes and allow to chill for an hour before serving, perhaps with shortbread cookies.

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3. John Snow: not to be confused with Jon Snow of Game of Thrones fame. This John Snow was the doctor to #Queen Victoria. Though a champion of hygiene who prevented at least one cholera epidemic, Snow’s claim to fame came in 1853 when he used chloroform to sedate Victoria during the birth of her eighth child. He was a vegan, a teetotaler and a bachelor. In spite of this he died at the relatively young age of 45.

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