Already Broken #NewYearResolutions

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The characters of Jane Eyre Gets Real by Annabelle Troy may be better known for their whimsy than their stamina. Below are the resolutions of the famous nine, which have proven to be a tall order:

Hester Prynnestop compulsively embroidering

Alice in Wonderland: don’t follow strange rabbits

Heidi: trade that dirndl for some North Face

Emma Bovary: clip coupons

Jane Eyre: don’t become engaged to already-married men

Sherlock Holmes: no more mansplaining, even to Dr. Watson

Mr. Darcy: never marry a bookish girl with an irritating mother & ineligible sisters

David Copperfield: step up and be the hero of my own life

Dorian Gray: find another portrait painter, one who is amoral

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6 thoughts on “Already Broken #NewYearResolutions

  1. Isabella Linton: WLTM quiet farmer with an interest in birdwatching. Prefer non-smoker.
    Richard Carstone: Count blessings and not to rely on legacies.
    Sorry, I cannot match yours but thought I’d have a go anyway. Good wishes

    1. Poor Isabella—she should definitely stay away from moody, dark men. But that is a resolution sure to be broken! Hope you have a 2020 filled with everything you want, and nothing you don’t.

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